Undercover Season 2: update Revealed, Plot & All You Need to Know

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Undercover Season 2 update
Undercover Season 2 update

The Belgian-Dutch crime-drama series Undercover will be returning with Undercover Season 2, and fans of the show are extremely excited to see what happens in season 2. The show made its official debut in February 2019, and finally, after a year, the second season has its official update.

We have compiled all the recent updates and information regarding the show, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Undercover Season 2.

What is the Plot of Undercover Season 2? Is there any Trailer for it?

Undercover Season 2 Plot

The drama series is based on real-life events, and the story revolves around undercover agents as they infiltrate a drug operation that takes place in the Dutch province which borders Belgium, Limburg. Much details about season 2’s story have been kept a secret, however, it is expected to continue the story after the final events of Undercover Season 1. Also, according to the latest updates, season 2 will change its direction and the main focus of season 2 will shift from drug trades to ‘guns.’ 

The showrunner, Nico Moolenaar has shed some light on the plot of season 2, and according to him, fans will see Kim and Bob in a whole new world where illegal arms trade has gone out of hands, and the main focus will be on illegal weapon trade in Belgium. He further added that the country had become the ‘center of so many crimes,’ but, that’s what gives the writers a chance to bring the stories in front of the world.

Apart from these, Nico assured that season 2 would be full of ‘excitement, emotion, and humor.’

Since the official update has been revealed, the trailer would drop sometime soon. For now, you can watch the trailer of Season 1 to get an idea of the show.

How many episodes will Undercover Season 2 have?

Season 1 episodes include:

  • Undercover Season 1 Episode 1: Camping Zonnedauw
  • Undercover Season 1 Episode 2: Hoogsensitief
  • Undercover Season 1 Episode 3: Italian Designer Drugs
  • Undercover Season 1 Episode 4: Legio Patria Nostra
  • Undercover Season 1 Episode 5: Over de Grens
  • Undercover Season 1 Episode 6: Sirenes
  • Undercover Season 1 Episode 7: De kop van die Wout
  • Undercover Season 1 Episode 8: Nouveau Monde
  • Undercover Season 1 Episode 9: Bodem
  • Undercover Season 1 Episode 10: Showtime

According to the official updates, season 2 will feature a total of 10 new episodes.

Who is in the Cast of Undercover Season 2?

The cast for season 1 includes:

  • Tom Waes as Bob Lemmens
  • Anna Drijver as Kim De Rooij
  • Frank Lammers as Ferry Bouman
  • Elise Schaap as Danielle Bouman
  • Raymond Thiry as John Zwart
  • Robbie Cleiren as Marc Gevers
  • Manou Kersting as Nick Janssens
  • Katrien De Ruysscher as Liesbeth Mertens
  • Huub Smit as Dennis de Vries
  • Lieke van den Broek as Sonja van Kamp
  • Sara De Bosschere as Lena Vandekerckhove
  • Kevin Janssens as Jurgen van Kamp
  • Kris Cuppens as Walter Devos
  • Nina Mensch as Jezebel van Kamp
  • Emma Verlinden as Polly Lemmens
  • Warre Verlinden as David Lemmens

All the major characters will return to reprise their respective roles in the forthcoming season.

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When is Undercover Season 2 update? Where to Stream it?

Undercover Season 2 will be released on 6th September 2020 in the Netherlands. According to the official announcement, the show will be available outside the Netherlands in the fall of 2020, and you will be able to watch it on Netflix.

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