‘The Winds of Winter’ Update: When Will GRRM’s Next Book Come Out?

With Game of Thrones having finally wrapped up, all the fans have their eyes on the prequel show that we know is coming next, and along with that George R. R. Martin’s next book in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series called The Winds of Winter. Winds has been one of the most awaited books maybe ever, and Martin seems to be delaying it every year.

This time though, we think that a update of the book is within sight because, in a recent blog post, George said that he’s finally back home and is now working on Winds of Winter. Along with that, he mentioned that he won’t give a deadline for when he thinks Winds of Winter will be completed by, because he fails to meet them every time. So, he’ll just keep quiet and keep working on the books. When they’ll be done, we’ll find out.

Previously, George has said that he’s almost done with Winds of Winter, and that leads us to believe that Winds of Winter might actually be coming out within the next few months. In my opinion, the book will be out by December 2020. Whether we’ll get A Dream of Spring or not is something that’s difficult to tell. Considering the fact that it took George so long to do Winds of Winter, I think it’s nearly impossible for us to get A Dream of Spring, but who knows, maybe he’ll pull something off.

George also said that he’s working on several Game of Thrones related prequels, and he said that this wasn’t the last that we saw of Westeros. The story might even continue after the prequels are wrapped up.

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