Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories Anime – Season 9 To Release in July

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Yami Shibai: Japanese Ghost Stories, also known as Theatre of Darkness is an anime show which is currently airing in the entertainment world. The first installment of this show was directed by Tomoya Takashima while its script has been penned down by Hiromu Kumamoto. The production of this show has been done under the banner of ILCA. Each episode of this series has been inspired by the kamishibai method of telling stories in the country. You guys might already know that the formatting of this anime is unlike other long episodes. We get to see shorts of various horror tales that last for a few minutes only. Every episode enlisted in this drama is unique and has never been repeated. It features a different story that is based on the myths as well as urban legends that exist in Japan for ages. These folklores have been consistent on our television for a long time now and obviously, the audience loves watching these.

The main concept of this show is based on a Japanese man who wears a yellow mask and arrives at 5 p.m. in the playground where kids play. He forms a group and tells these children some stories as well as myths that are based on urban legends. He comes in with a bicycle and tells the kids about these stories with the traditional method called kamishibai or translated to Paper Drama in English. This format altered from the third season where we witnessed a boy who sits on the playground and sings a song while later trying to draw the illustrations of all the characters as well as creatures that will be employed in these ghost stories. At the point in time when the episode is about to conclude, we see that the narrator’s mask sings the closing song to him. In this way, the whole format increases as each episode end with the final mask being worn by the boy. But this was only for the third season because the 4th and the 5th installments saw the return of the original kamishibaiya which we witnessed in the 1st and 2nd outing.

This time though, the kids are not seen playing in silhouette rather were gathered to the call of a man in silhouette. Also, from the sixth season, we saw the stories getting even more haunted as the old man does not tells these stories in school, rather plays them in a forest. From the seventh season, we witness another change in the location and as the old man and the kids move to a very creepy apartment which is capable of giving us chills down the spine. But then again, in the eighth season which started airing just this year, we witnessed that these stories are being narrated at a busy urban intersection that is surrounded by people who appear to be shadows. As of right now, some of the new updates regarding Yami Shibai: Japanese Ghost Stories have surfaced online, and thus, we have decided to wrap them all up for you guys.

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories – Season 9

It has recently been revealed that a new partner series will also be aired along with the eighth season of the horror tales. These are dubbed under the special edition section of this anime. This is not the only happy news that has come to fans of this show. TV Tokyo came up to announce that the ninth installment of Yami Shibai: Japanese Ghost Stories season 9 release date is set for July of 2021. This television anime will come back again with a new set of ghost stories to scare us all. The show will again be produced under the banner of ILCA but this time, the production cooperation will be done by TIA DRAWIZ. These horror stories will run for approximately 6 minutes on our digital screens and will be based on the urban legends once more. Although, the setting of this drama will be as per the modern outlook. If you want to revisit the old episode of this anime series, but are not sure where then we have got you covered. Crunchyroll has listed all the episodes of this anime on their platform where you can access any episode legally with ease.

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