Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 7 ‘Brilliant Disguise’ Stream Details, Spoilers, And Release Date

swamp Thing season 1 episode 7

Swamp Thing’s only season is going so well that it is such a shame that we are not going to get another season of this show. Swamp Thing season 1 episode 6 was titled “The Price You Pay.” This episode was directed and written by Toa Fraser and Tania Lotia respectively.

In this episode, we saw how frustrated Swamp Thing is becoming a day in day out because he is constantly on the run and is being chased by almost every other authority in town. Swamp Thing just cannot understand what has happened to him, and the people around him are making it way more difficult for him to do so.

Now, even Matt knows about Swamp Thing’s identity. Talking about the next episode of Swamp Thing. The major spoilers will be discussed from now on, so do read at your own risk. Swamp Thing season 1, episode 7 is titled “Brilliant Disguise.”

Here are promo pictures of Swamp Thing season 1 episode 7:

In this episode, we’ll see Swamp Thing and Abby go into the swamp itself, and Swamp Thing shows her a rotten part of the swamp, but unfortunately, Abby will be attacked, and Swamp Thing will have to save her which he will attempt to do with all his powers that he knows so far. You all can watch this episode on DC Universe on 12 July 2019.

Also, in the episode, we will get to see Maria and Nathan’s meeting and Avery and Lucilia going out into the swamp. The spoilers look mighty Interesting, and I can’t wait for the episode to drop tomorrow. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on Swamp Thing season 1 episode 7 spoilers. Now, we all have to sit tight and wait for the episode to release and see how things unfold in this interesting episode.

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