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The Misfit Demon Academy Episode 5 Preview, and Spoilers

The Misfit Demon Academy

After Sasha fails to kill her sister Misha who is saved by the demon king Anos Voligoad. Sasha runs away with a phoenix robe and Scepter. Misha remembers a message from her sister Sasha that at midnight on her fifteenth birthday she is going to disappear. The demon king asks if it has anything to do with her calling Misha a magic doll. Misha replied that the magic doll is not the right name. Misha Necron never existed in the real world.

This week’s post is about The Misfit Demon Academy Episode 5 preview, and recap. Anos said that it means Misha’s real name was Sasha. Misha asks how Anos know that and he replied that Sasha unliterally destroyed her Zetch with Misha. Let’s take a look at more about Misha and Sasha below.

The Misfit Demon Academy Episode 5 update

The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 5 will be released on Saturday, 1 August 2020, at 11:30 PM JST. The latest new episode of this anime is released every Saturday.

The Misfit Demon Academy

The Misfit Demon Academy

Previously on The Misfit Demon Academy Episode 4

Anos told Misha about the spell that existed two thousand years ago. The spell separated one person into two. The demon king asks if Ivis Necron is behind the magic spell. Misha replied that when she was still in her mother’s womb she receives a share of Sasha’s soul. She told Anos that she is an existence that is not supposed to be alive. Anos asks Misha if Ivis have cast a Fusion Magic on her and Sasha at the same time.

He also said that the spell does not last for a long time. They are separated by magic and they will eventually go back to being one. Ivis did that to create a more powerful demon race. Misha replied that Ivis uses Division Fusion Resurrection Magic, Dino Jixxes. Anos think that it is a foolish spell and Misha said that she wants to be free and live a normal life. She said she will disappear and Sasha will remain due to the spell. She only has a life span of 15 years.

Misha explains to Anos that she wants more memories of her life. No one in the demon race would speak to her since she never existed to them. Anos is the only demon that spoke to her and give her hope to live again. Anos embraces Misha and told her that he only knows two things. Regret and impossibility and he promised Misha that he is going to make her wish come true. Misha said that she also wants to make up with Sasha.

Anos told Misha that they have to stop Sasha who runs away. Anos uses his power to reach Sasha who keeps on being stubborn. Misha asks Sasha is she hates her. Sasha told Anos to fight with her in a magic circle and if Anos wins she will answer Misha’s question. Anos manage to win the battle and Misha told her that she loves the way Sasha is. Sasha cried in front of her sister and asks her to reject her because she can’t save her.

Only a day left for Misha to disappear and Misha told Sasha that she is going to be one with her. Sasha asks the demon king to make her disappear instead of Misha. Anos said that what if he has a powerful son and powerful daughter and they are about to disappear who will he save.? Anos also said that he will save both of them.

Anos battle with Ivis to change the past for him to save two girls. He had an intense battle and defeat Ivis who then remembers that Anos is the real demon king. He gave back Ivis real memories and he is going to investigate Avos Dilhevia who is pretending to be a demon king. Misha and Sasha are saved from disappearing.

The Misfit Demon Academy Episode 5 Preview