Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween Anime Film Makes 11.7 Million!

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Detective Conan The Bride of Halloween
Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween; Credits: YouTube

Japanese anime film Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween is the Detective Conan franchise’s 25th film. The anime film will be released on April 15th, 2022. The anime earned Renminbi(RMB) 81.7 million, which is 11.7 million in US dollars in its first weekend of release in China. It reached its top figures within six weeks of its release at the Chinese Box Office.

 The Tipping Point was the last week’s best hit. The film earned $3.9 million, which is RMB 27.6 million. Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween earned nearly 50% of the market share and crossed The Tipping Point. 

  • Director: Susumu Mitsunaka 
  • Production: TMS Entertainment
  • Screenplay: Takahiro Ōkura
  • Music Composition: Yūgo Kanno
  • Starring: Minami Takayama, Kappei Yamaguchi, Rikiya Koyama, Wakana Yamazaki, and many more voice artists
  • Country: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release Date: 15th April 2022

 The film was a huge success in Japan as well, earning a total of 9.48 billion yen which sums up to US $63.94 million. It was re-screened for Halloween specials on the 29th and 30th of October. The anime film has become the highest-earning animation film in the Detective Conan industry. The Japanese Anime Film has made $73.73 million worldwide. 

Detective Conan The Bride of Halloween Character
Detective Conan The Bride of Halloween Character

The plot of Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween

In Shibuya’s “Hikarie,” a wedding ceremony is taking place. Sato, the bride, is a detective with the Metropolitan Police. She is dressed in a magnificent bridal gown. While Conan and the remaining guests are witnessing the wedding, a group of invaders break into the wedding and unleash an attack. Detective Takagi puts his life at risk and danger to keep Sato safe.

Even though the crisis has been resolved and Detective Takagi is secure, Sato is brought back to the incident of bombings that happened three years back, which claimed the life of Detective Matsuda, her first lover.

Collar Bomb
Collar Bomb; Credits: IMDb

The mastermind of the bombing event from three years ago has also escaped from prison. Is this just an accident? The Public Security Bureau’s Rei Furuya and Toru Amuro pursued the murderer of Detective Matsuda’s partner. But then someone else in a strange costume showed up and put a necklace explosive on him.

Conan enters Amuro’s underground hiding place to remove the necklace bomb securely. Conan hears from Amuro about the event from three years ago, when he and his colleagues, Police Academy students, encountered Plamya, an anonymous costume bomber, in Shibuya. At some point, a sinister shadow is cast over Conan and those conducting the probe, and the story continues.

About Susumu Mitsunaka 

Susumu Mitsunaka, also known by the pen name Haruchika Kanatsumi, is a storyboard artist, director, and director of Japanese filmmaking. Known for his love of baseball, Tsutomu Mizushima spotted him while illustrating Big Windup! For the smoothness and authenticity of the batting motions, and in 2010, Mitsunaka was hired as the series’ motion animation director. In December 2021, He was confirmed to be the director of Detective Conan’s 25th film, The Bride of Halloween. It was also reported that he had done work with the animes using a different name.

Susumu Mitsunaka’s Work in Detective Conan

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