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Winter Love Island: Filming Location

Love Island has become an event that takes place twice a year. The show will be launched in January of 2020. Fans are expecting to see much difference in the upcoming show because we will be moving to a new location and a new Villa.

What is the Location?

The show will continue in a new villa in South Africa. It is expected to be sunny during that time as the South African summer lasts from December to March. The show will probably take place in Cape Town. The presenter has released a trailer and wrote on Twitter that they landed in Cape Town and is unsure about what to expect as they usually don’t film in winter.

The images of the villa are out on twitter and have been said to be a $5 M love Island Villa. Fans are really excited about the upcoming show next month with a brand new location. Fans have so far always enjoyed the show and have always been interested as the couples are asked to various kinds of tasks, and in the process, they find love. The show has become very popular with many international franchises such as the USA, Australia and so on.