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Parasite:For Netflix, Prime Video, and DVD

Parasite 2019 Amazon Prime Video update
Parasite (Credits: CJ Entertainment)

Parasite is a 2019 South Korean film that is directed by Bong Joon-ho, who wrote the film’s story and co-wrote the screenplay with Han Jin-won. The film has a total budget of $11 million and at the Box office, it made a total of $126.3 million which shows that the film was without a doubt success. In the film’s United States opening weekend, it grossed $376,264 from three theaters. Its per-venue average of $125,421 was the best since La La Land’s in 2016, and the best-ever for a foreign-language film.

Parasite Box office Update

Furthermore, as of February 9, 2020, Parasite has grossed $35.5 million in the United States and Canada and $132.1 million in other territories. The movie is one of the best that released this year and it is definitely worth your time. As for the plot, the official synopsis reads Jobless, penniless, and, above all, hopeless, the unmotivated patriarch, Ki-taek, and his equally unambitious family–his supportive wife, Chung-sook; his cynical twenty-something daughter, Ki-jung, and his college-age son, Ki-woo–occupy themselves by working for peanuts in their squalid basement-level apartment.

Parasite 2019 Netflix update

Parasite (Credits: CJ Entertainment)

Then, by sheer luck, a lucrative business proposition will pave the way for an insidiously subtle scheme, as Ki-woo summons up the courage to pose as an English tutor for the teenage daughter of the affluent Park family. Now, the stage seems set for an unceasing winner-take-all class war. How does one get rid of a parasite?. The cast of the show consists of Song Kang-ho as Kim Ki-taek, Lee Sun-kyun as Park Dong-ik, CEO of an IT company. Cho Yeo-jeong as Park Yeon-gyo, Dong-ik’s wife, Choi Woo-shik as Kim Ki-woo, Ki-taek’s son.

Park So-dam as Kim Ki-jeong, Ki-taek’s daughter. Lee Jung-eun as Gook Moon-gwang, the housekeeper of the Parks. Chang Hyae-jin as Kim Chung-sook, Ki-taek’s wife. Park Myung-hoon as Geun-sae, Moon-gwang’s husband. Jung Ziso as Park Da-hye, Dong-ik’s daughter. Jung Hyeon-jun as Park Da-song, Dong-ik’s son. Park Geun-Rok as Chauffeur Yoon, Jung Yi-seo as Pizzeria manager and lastly Park Seo-joon as Min-hyuk (cameo).

ParasiteFor Netflix

Many people are now wanting to see this amazing film and some of them want to watch it at their home. Well, the DVD release of the movie as well as the digital release for the movie has been revealed, the digital release of the movie is 14 January 2020 for Amazon and the DVD is 20 January 2020.

Unfortunately, there is noon the Parasite Netflix but we will keep you posted.