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PUBG5.3 Adds Blood Effects And Reveals The End Date For Badlands Revealed

Pubg (Credits: PUBG Corp)

PUBG had content updates this year and a lot of new mechanics that all the players loved. Now anotheris making its way to the game. In thisblood, effects and skins have arrived to the game. The survivors pass Badlands will be ending on 14 January PDT and from 1 January there will be a countdown on the Survivor Pass lobby banner notifying players of the pass end date. One of the many things that came with this amongst them was the Cloud Saving feature that will allow players to load their account settings even when playing on a new PC.

The Vending Machines are getting nerfed as the devs have reduced the maximum number of uses per Vending Machine from 15 to 10. Spike Traps spawn rate has been Increased. Down below you can see the other changes that have arrived with this update:

Pubg console update

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (Credits: PUBG Corporation)

PUBG5.3 Details

• Blood Effect Improvements

– Headshots including the neck area produce more distinct visual effect to ensure clear identification of hit

– Blood splatter will be shown on walls and floors if the character is hit near it

– The size of the blood splash is unified across all color settings

– Blood impacts on characters will now provide a more precise visual representation of which body parts have been hit


– Players can now choose their “favorite weapon” in the Mastery tab

– The weapon of choice will show up as the first weapon stat in your PUBG ID, regardless of whether the weapon has the highest level or not

– A grey star will show up when player’s mouse is hovered over it. Clicking the star will favorite the weapon

– A gold star will show up next to a chosen weapon when a player favorites it

– Players can only favorite individual weapons and not categories

– There can only be one favorite. That’s just logical

– The favorite weapon will always show up at the top of players’ list, even when the sorting feature is used


– The following items will be added to the Store after5.3 hits live servers:

– Added 2 BattleStat weapon skins (QBU and P1911)

– Added 2 BattleStat weapon skins (SKS and P92)

Purchasable with BP

– Added 3 Factory Worker skins

– Added 4 Punk Destruction skins


– Fixed an issue where the reticle would shake when ADS with a 6x Scope equipped

– Fixed an issue where character movement would stutter when firing the DBS in certain situations

– Fixed an issue where BRDM collision damage was higher than intended

– Fixed an issue where a disconnected player could float when displaced by a prone character

– Fixed an issue where vehicles would get stuck in tree branches in certain situations