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Hache Season 2: Storyline, Cast, And Details

Hache Season 2

Hache is a Spanish web show hosted by Netflix. The show is inspired by true events and explains the problem of drug abuse in Barcelona in the ’60s. The show is directed by J. Torregrossa and F. Trullols and has earned global applause for its vivid details and likewise has been a fruitful and profitable collaboration of Netflix. The streaming platform, which is buzzing with Spanish content like no other, is all set to add Hache in it’s growing list of Global audience based Spanish series. The streaming platform, which has been very prudent in its comments about web shows, has ratified the Spanish based series as “unique, fresh and worthy of the global appeal.”

Hache Season 2: Storyline

As mentioned earlier, the Spanish based web series is set in 60’s Barcelona at a time of political upheaval and widespread drug abuse. The series depicts the gruesome competition among drug dealers who need to keep their heads down to avoid cop conflicts. The series follows the tale of a lady named Helena, who becomes the disciple of Mafia Lord Malpica and portrays how she hikes up the illegal heroin trade keeping everything in secret and silence.

Malpica, who has become bitter by personal losses, became a classic example of a ruthless criminal – in- making who goes on further to become a leading name in Heroin Trade. Our lead character, Helena, is an unfortunate prostitute mother with her husband out of the picture. She learns the skills and tips of the drug trade from Malpica but also tries to careful in her intimacy with the same as she has future plans to fulfill- a stable position in the drug trade and establish her own supremacy. She uses her non-fatal image to her advantage and drinks the neglect of drug lords for her ulterior motives to succeed.

The other types of crisis which surround the series include- a sniff of cops about the rising drug trade in Barcelona and how the city became a transport center of drugs from Asia to America.

The stakes of the series further rose with the joint indulgence of Italians and Americans. In short, the series provides a spectacular crime thriller which ends with the bloody thoughts of revenge of Hache at the time of imprisonment and torture of Malpica’s betrayer in Season 1 with expectations of how Hache will regain her position as the head of the Crime Inc. at Season 2. The new season also provides a teaser regarding the resurrection of Javier Rey.

Hache Season 2: Cast

The lead role of Helena is played by Adriana Ugarte (who is famous for her role in sci-fi series “Mirage” and also in the series “The Solar System” and “The Time in Between”). She has ably depicted the role of a fierce woman who rises from ashes and crowns the heroin business trade.

Other lead actors include Javier Rey, who played the role of Malpica in the series. We have also seen Rey in another 60s drama “Velvet Collection” and 80s drama “Cocaine Coast.” The portrayal of the actor as a drug lord is noteworthy to watch. Other actors like Eduardo Noriega (as Vinuesa), Maria Salas (as Velasco), and Pep Ambros(as Senovilla) have also provided a grey – delight for the binge-watchers. If we have a Season 2 of Hache hitting out screens, stay assured of the lead cast crew of Season 1 to re-act with more vigor.

Hache Season 2: update

As said earlier, Spanish shows are a profitable business for Netflix due to its global liking. The series, which provided a novice feeling for non-residents of Spain at 60s in Season 1, is all set to release for a second outing in November 2020. The web streaming platform has announced the renewal of Hache via a Spanish Social Account.