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The Office Arrives On NBC’s Peacock With A Unreleased “The Matrix”! Here Are Our Seven Favorite The Office Cold Opens!

he Office Arrives On NBC's Peacock With A Unreleased "The Matrix"! Here Are Our Seven Favorite The Office Cold Opens!

The Office, the beloved comedy show that was everyone’s favorite lazy watch and even after seven years since it wrapped, remains a phenomenon and constant subject to memes. Now the show has been resurfaced and started buzzing on the internet again. The iconic show is known for its situational comedy and sarcasm. Pioneering and popularising the mockumentary entertainment style recently made its exit from Netflix, which has left a large number of fans heartbroken. For the whole the last month, fans demanded and kept protesting to keep the show on Netflix, but it seems like NBC has made its mind, and just like its other shows, including Parks and Recreation, NBC has moved The Office on its newly launched OTT Platform called “The Peacock.”

Although The Office leaving Netflix may have broken many hearts, a new video from the show’s official youtube channel has brought smiles to the faces again. The Official Youtube Channel of The Office has dropped an unreleased clip of a cold open right from the show’s final season to celebrate The Office arriving on The Peacock. As everyone welcomes the show to its new home, “Peacock,” here we are, breaking down the new unreleased cold open while also revealing our top 7 cold opens throughout the show.

The Office’s Never-Before-Seen “The Matrix” Cold Open

As fans of The Office, we are all familiar with Jim and Pam doing pranks on our favorite Dwight Schrute while Dwight falls into the trap most of the time, making the scene as funny as it can be. For years we have watched these pranks transitioning and Jim coming up with a new prank every time and leaving us entertained and just waiting for what could be next. We also have seen Dwight responding many times and even the duo of Jim and Dwight working together for a prank on someone else. It’s been a hell of a ride.

Don’t worry. We are not gonna reveal much so that you can enjoy the clip. Anyway, the new “Never-Before-Seen” cold open as released by the official YouTube channel of The Office features a similar venture as Jim and Prank come up with a new prank for Dwight referring to the popular 1999 movie “The Matrix.”The clip saw Dwight watching two cats pass by in front of him, followed by a message on the computer screen referring to a glitch as shown in the movie. The whole prank follows Dwight into going into the warehouse and choosing between the red and the blue pill. And what do the pills mean here? Watch for yourself.

As the Peacock celebrates The Office with a new unreleased “Never-Before-Seen” Cold Open from the show, here we remember our seven favorite cold opens from throughout the show’s run.

  • “Nobody But Me” Lip-sync Performance (Season 7, Episode 1 – Nepotism)

he Office Arrives On NBC's Peacock With A Unreleased "The Matrix"! Here Are Our Seven Favorite The Office Cold Opens!

We don’t even have words. The audience was waiting, as usual, to see the show begin as it does at the same Dunder Mifflin with everyone working, and boom, something goes wrong. But here, the cold open leaves everyone dancing as we saw all characters dancing out their heart and lip-syncing to the 1969 song “Nobody But Me” by the rock band The Human Beinz. From Andy’s arrival from the lift to start off to Pam’s dancing to Stanley’s regular “I don’t care” attitude to Kevin carrying Meredith on back and Micheal’s magic tricks along with Dwight showing off his antics. The scene is gold and should be considered as an alternate music video or a new opening.

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  • Micheal Hits Meredith While Driving (Season 4, Episode 1 – Fun)

The Office Arrives On NBC's Peacock With A Unreleased "The Matrix"! Here Are Our Seven Favorite The Office Cold Opens!

This cold open starts as regular as it can be with Micheal at his home talking about what he has been up to during summers and how Jan has moved in with him. Soon the camera follows Micheal driving around and discussing. A good start to Season 4 as the show was on hiatus until Micheal says he is blessed to have this life, and Boom! he drives into Meredith, and his reaction is enough to crack us out.

  • Jim Is Not Asian – Asian Jim (Season 9, Episode 3 – Andy’s Ancestry)

The Office Arrives On NBC's Peacock With A Unreleased "The Matrix"! Here Are Our Seven Favorite The Office Cold Opens!

Randall Park has brilliantly performed the scene, and we have to applaud the actors working this out as well. It starts with Dwight discovering some unknown Asian man on Jim’s desk, and soon the questioning follows, which only leads to Dwight finding out that the Asian guy knows all Jim’s sales as Pam kisses him and a family portrait gets picked up by Dwight to see Pam with Asian Jim and their babies. Dwight’s reaction is priceless, and the scene never fails to crack you up.

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  • “No, God! Please No!”- Toby is Back (Season 5, Episode 9 “Frame Toby”)

You see the video; you have seen this on most meme templates today because that’s how iconic it is. Everyone firmly remembers how much Micheal has hated Toby throughout the show, and to this day, we don’t know exactly why he does so. But every time Micheal shows off his hate towards Toby while Toby takes it sportingly, it just elevates to another funnier level. This scene is a prime example of when after leaving the show in the fourth season finale, Toby makes his comeback on the next season’s ninth episode. Micheal delivers the most passionate sadness on his face than he ever can by screaming out loud, making the so funny, and we can literally feel him being sad.

  • Kevin Bringing In His “Kevin’s Famous Chili”(Season 5, Episode 26″Casual Friday”)

The Office Arrives On NBC's Peacock With A Unreleased "The Matrix"! Here Are Our Seven Favorite The Office Cold Opens!

All we can say is cute, probably. God, this scene was so adorable. We all know Kevin for being dumb and always getting yelled at by Angela or brought to senses by Oscar. But here, we can’t say he is dumb. He is just adorable, and the end breaks our heart while Kevin brings in his famous chili, which he works hard on, and brings it to the office once a year just to watch it go down like that. Let’s give the adorable character a break.

  • “Identity Theft Is Not A Joke, Jim! – Jim and Dwight Imitate Each Other (Season 3, Episode 20, “Product Recall”)

The Office Arrives On NBC's Peacock With A Unreleased "The Matrix"! Here Are Our Seven Favorite The Office Cold Opens!

Another famous meme material, people. If we want and we will list our own top Jim and Dwight pranks altogether. Because there are so many and all of them are too good to select one. But here is one of the funniest to be seen and we have to applaud both of the actors and how brilliantly they outperformed each other. Okay, only Jim’s part is in the cold open, but it’s hard not to mention Dwight’s, which later appears, so we have to put in both.

Jim wears the spectacles and sporting hairstyle like Dwight and questions Dwight himself and leaves to complain Micheal to Dwight taking his revenge by working on Jim-like hairstyle and referring himself as an idiot as he woos Karen. The scene is gold and so good that even Jim admits it as a good comeback.

  • Dwight Schrute’s Fire Drill (Season 5, Episode 14 “Stress Relief”)

The Office Arrives On NBC's Peacock With A Unreleased "The Matrix"! Here Are Our Seven Favorite The Office Cold Opens!

Dwight is the only man who cans save The Office if anything goes wrong. But here, he almost kills one of his own. The cold open that follows the episode plot features Dwight causing a fake fire drill as everyone on the premises goes crazy on their own, looking to find a way to escape. Soon to realize that drill was just Dwight checking if everyone is ready if emergency calls, and soon we see Stanley going down. Stanley getting saved by Micheal is comedy gold itself.

The Office from now on is available to stream on NBC’s Peacock in different services worldwide.

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