Ray Fisher No Longer Part Of The Flash 2022! Cyborg Not Returning To The Solo Movie Of The Fastest Man Alive?

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Warner Media's Official Take On Ray Fisher- Justice League Investigation, Geoff Johns Still Working Even After Cyborg Actor's Claims

Yes, you read it right! With its own universe of superhero characters, DC entered the cinema with DC Extended Universe in 2011 with Man Of Steel. Since then, the company has been on a bumpy road having a few hits and misses from its switch of a darker tone to a lighter tone so that they can ensure success just like their competitor Marvel, then Ben Affleck stepping down from The Batman solo movie as the caped crusader and making the movie as a different saga from the DC Extended Universe. Everyone’s confused about the direction the company is headed in, especially if they are inclined to create a universe or not.

After Ben Affleck, there are rumors that Ray Fisher is backing out the DC Extended Universe after he opened up about the problems he faced during the reshoot of Justice League in 2017 and the bad experience he had with the director Joss Whedon on the sets. Ray Fisher’s claims called out a full-scale investigation by Warner Media with the studios responding to Ray Fisher claiming that the Cyborg actor did not participate in the investigation thoroughly and remedial action has been taken regarding the issue.

When Ray fisher wasn’t satisfied with the investigation carried out by Warner Media, he took it to Twitter. He announced that he would not work with DC President Walter Hamada anymore or be part of any DC Projects in the future. Ray Fisher was set to be part of the upcoming Andy Mushcietti’s The Flash solo movie and was speculated to play a vital part in the film. Still, the actor has now backed out, with Zack Snyder’s Justice League Snyder Cut being the last movie with him filling in for the character.

There have been reports and rumors that auditions for recasting Cyborg will be taking place for the solo movie of Flash, and here we are covering if those are true or are just mere rumors.

A Short Brief On Issues Between Ray Fisher and DC Studios

If you haven’t kept with everything happening between Ray Fisher and DC Studios, we suggest you check out all the related articles mentioned here, which will give you a closer insight into everything happening between the Cyborg actor and DC Studios. But long story short, it all began with Ray Fisher tweeting on July 1st, 2020, about the mistreatment he faced from the director Joss Whedon during the reshoot of the 2017’s Justice League. The actor expressed Whedon’s behavior as abusive and unprofessional. Also, he mentioned that Whedon was enabled by  Jon Berg, the Warner Bros. co-president of production, and Geoff Johns, the chief creative officer of DC.

The tweet set a fire on the internet, and soon, Warner Media called out a full-scale investigation to address the issue and questioned everyone involved in the movie. Joss Whedon had to abruptly leave “The Nevers,” an upcoming show he is involved with. The investigation concluded on the 11th of December 2020 and claimed that the studios have taken “remedial action” regarding the issues raised by Ray Fisher.

Ray Fisher No Longer Part Of The Flash 2022! Cyborg Not Returning To The Solo Movie Of The Fastest Man Alive?

Jason Mamoa, who acted in the movie as Aquaman, and Gal Gadot, who acted in the movie as Wonder Woman, came out openly and supported Ray Fisher to be brave and open up. Gal Gadot, in an interview, revealed that she had given testimony during the investigation and expressed that she had her own experience with Joss Whedon during the reshoot, which was not the best and was solved internally.

After the investigation concluded, Ray Fisher wasn’t satisfied with it. He took to Twitter again, where he slammed DC President Walter Hamada for being the most dangerous enabler of the studios and stated that the investigation failed to address the main issue. Thus, the actor stated that he wouldn’t participate in any future projects involving Walter Hamada and DC Studios, which also included the upcoming Flash solo movie for which the character of Cyborg is speculated to be a vital part.

The Rumors Of Cyborg Being Re-Casted

So at the moment, it seems like Ray Fisher will not be coming anytime soon for any of the DC movies in the future, leading the company in a difficult position for the upcoming Flash solo movie of 2022. Grace Randolph, a self-proclaimed insider, recently took to Twitter on the 5th of January 2021 and reported that due to Ray Fisher’s issues, Warner Bros. is lining up auditions this month to replace Cyborg with another actor for the upcoming Andy Musschietti’s The Flash. Grace Randolph also expressed her concerns with the recasting decision by sharing her ideas on how there are so many other characters that can fill-in replacing the character of Cyborg and how recasting is an idea that will haunt the film.

The Tweet set social media ablaze with fans claiming how bad this idea of recasting is and how it will terribly affect the movie and the future of DC Extended Universe. The rumor was addressed and denied by Mark Hughes from HuffPost, who claimed that he had talked to Warner Bros.

Mark Huges from Huffpost took to Twitter and claimed that all rumors revolving around the recasting of Cyborg are a lie. Mark Hughes further claimed that he had confirmed this from Warner Bros., also stating that the character is not at all in the movie, thus marking the rumor as false.


So, after analyzing all this, it seems like Ray Fisher might not return anytime soon for DC and Warner Bros, with Zack Snyder’s Justice League Director’s Cut being his last movie. Cyborg is in the Flash solo movie; let’s admit that Mark Hughes said he is not in the movie, and that doesn’t mean he was never going to be the part of the movie. There have always been talks of Cyborg reprising his role for Andy Mushchiette’s The Flash, and so at the moment, we can’t say what will be DC’s move to ensure its run with their DC Extended Universe.

Ray Fisher No Longer Part Of The Flash 2022! Cyborg Not Returning To The Solo Movie Of The Fastest Man Alive?

DC or Warner Bros. might not take the risk of recasting the character to reconcile Ray Fisher and avoid being part of further controversies in the future. There is no official statement from Ray Fisher himself if the actor is returning or not. We certainly hope from our side that Ray Fisher gets justice and all the issues between him and DC get solved as soon as they can.

DC Extended Universe has recently picked up the pace with their movies seeing success on the box office with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam! Also, Zack Snyder’s highly-anticipated cut of Justice League has constantly been hyping with every new detail introduced by the director. Snyder cut’s success may lead to further big projects and plans, and thus we hope everything gets solved as soon as it can.

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