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Pokemon Go Gets A Makeover In It’s New- Here Are The Details

Pokemon Go has recently got an unprecedented which adds a lot of new features to the game. The newwill also soar the number of Pokemons from the Unova Region.

There are several Pokemons right now featuring in the game, but after this several new ones like Boldore, Gurdurr, Karrablast, Shelmet, and many more will also be lumped in the game. Recently the developer has revealed some more information about what to expect from Pokemon Go in this 2020. Players can expect some more new revelations about team rocket, which is an exciting part to get into. Also, players will get some opportunities that they have to wield and defeat Giovanni and get a chance to save the Legendary Shadow Moltres.

Pokemon Go Gets A Makeover In It’s New Update

There’s also a rumor about an all-new feature called Go Battle League to be introduced in 2020. It will be based on the current trainer battle system, which will encourage people to go out and play. According to Niantic, players have to walk and play to enter in the battle league. Once they’re in, they will be able to compete with players worldwide, and players will be ranked accordingly.

The newwill feature the Trade Evolution function from the main Pokemon games. Trade evolution is a simple feature with which players can now trade Pokemons. They can also evolve the traded pokemon without using candy. Some of the very first Pokemon to get this feature include Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, and Haunter.

Although even after two years after Pokemon GO’s release, the game hasn’t been outdated till now. Players constantly get updates and events due to which the game has maintained its fan army, So it will be very interesting to see how the players react to this new update.