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One Piece 933 Spoilers, Predictions, And Raw/Scan [Updated]

One Piece Chapter 932 dropped earlier, today and it was a decent chapter. Granted, we didn’t get to see the major fights or Luffy escaping from prison as the early spoilers suggested, but we still got a really good one. This week, we saw the Shogun’s banquet where he began talking about his life, and more importantly the Will of Kouzuki Toki.

We all know that Toki presented him wugn a death prophecy and being the coward that he is, Orochi was still rambling on about it trying to take precaution. The funny thing is, Orochi is actually right, and everyone else thinks that he’s almost his mind. We also saw Robin declaring herself as the Witching-hour boy. Robin was then almost arrested, and she makes her way out of there immediately.

At the banquet, Shogun goes on and on, and Otoko cannot help but control her laughter. She cannot be stopped, and Orochi attempts to kill her, only to be slapped by Komurasaki. This shocks everyone, and Komurasaki says that she is a daughter of a proud Samurai.


The 11 Ninja come looking for Robin, and among all the chaos, Kyoushiro grabs his sword. So what will happen in tbt next chapter of One Piece? Well, I think this time around, it is hard to predict anything. In my opinion, Kyoushiro is a traitor, and he doesn’t want to serve Orochi.

I think it is time he reveals his true colors and kills the Shogun to usurp his place. Meanwhile, Raizo will likely find the key to Luffy’s handcuffs and will set him free, which will cause a huge ruckus in prison. Sanji escapes to Ebisu Town after defeating Page One, and we see the other Big Mom Pirates wondering across Wano as well.

One Piece is on no scheduled break next week. One Piece 933 will be out on February 18, 2019. The scans will be out by February 15, 2019.

Update: Official Spoilers can be found down below.

Hey everyone! One Piece Chapter 933 spoilers are finally out, and it looks like this week’s chapter is definitely a lot better than what we saw last time around. Previously, we saw a lot of stuff going on at the Orochi Castle.

First of all, Robin escaped after nearly getting caught by the Shogun Orochi Oniwabanshu. After that, we saw the Shogun talking a lot about the prophecy of Toki and how he may be under attack.

He was pretty sure that Kinemon is back, and he’s leading all the activities that have been happening across Wano Country recently. He then got laughed at by Toko and slapped by Komurasaki for trying to kill Toko, and that’s where we pick up.

It seems in this chapter, we’ll see Enel on the cover, probably as a part of a family request. The chapter will start with Brook going up against the Oniwabanshu, and he will scare them to their deaths, which is enough to make way for an escape.

After that, we’ll see Shinobu falling down on the head of the Shogun, which is yet another disgrace to him. Orochi will apparently go completely wild in a fit of rage, and he will start eating his own subordinates. We don’t know what exactly Komurasaki and Kyoushiro will be doing in the next chapter of One Piece.

After this, we will finally see Big Mom. It seems she is being treated by Chopper, and she’s really happy. Chopper may just have cured her of her disease and that’s a huge thing in itself. Maybe this will help Strawhats in the future, maybe it’ll haunt them. For now, we don’t know what’ll happen, but the future sure looks exciting.

One Piece 933 will come out officially 18 February 2019. The scans will be out by 15 February 2019.