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Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 English Subtitled Trailer, Release, And Details Revealed

Attack on Titan season 3

After another successful season, that being Attack on Titan season 3 part 1, we will be getting its part two in April 2019. Funimation finally released the trailer with English subtitles recently. This series is based on the manga having the same name and is quite a hit among most fans.

It started to air back in April 2013. For those who haven’t started watching this series yet should probably do. Here is the plot of the series:

In this series, you’ll see humans have surrounded themselves with enormous walls to protect themselves from titans who are huge creatures. Eren who is the protagonist lives with his Mikasa and friend Armin in the town of Shiganshina adjacent to Wall Maria, outermost of three circular walls.

These titans have killed all other humans one hundred years prior. The series is much more interesting than just its plot, and the animations are out of this world.

Funimation has been given almost all rights of broadcasting the anime in the USA. Also, the anime will be created by Wit Studio, and some of the returning members of the staff are, chief director Tetsuro Araki, script supervisor Yasuko Kobayashi, director Masashi Koizuka, character designer Kyoji Asano, chief animation directors Kyoji Asano and Satoshi Kadowaki, assistant director Hiroyuki Tanaka and some others as well.

So, I’m sure all of you are pretty excited to watch the third season of the most anticipated anime of April 2019.