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Oculus Rift S Price, And Details

If you don’t know what Oculus Rift you have been asleep for two years and 357 days, because that’s when VR took over our current society. On March 28th, 2016 first Oculus Rift VR-headset became available for consumers. Many VR Headsets including Google Lens and GearVR were available before but, Oculus Rift was the first ever to pack up all essential things for new er of VR world.

On 20th March 2019 Oculus came up with a new VR set and officially announced the Rift S, This new headset is not a complete sequel of previous Oculus Rift headset nor is it a surprise, but it adds some marked improvements that would make it more compatible to changes that one find in 2019 of VR.

Oculus Rift

Rift S will price at $399 and would still depend on PC as it would still require a physical connection to PC. The company has also introduced an all in one Oculus Quest which is set for a future Spring Release and will be priced for $399. Although, it surrenders some computing power to provide its users a real and smooth wireless freedom and hence would have to ditch better quality features.

Nate Mitchell who is Vice-President of Oculus product, he mentioned that the headset would also use an improved and very unusual feature named ‘pass-through video system,’ this would allow users to map out their gaming space without even taking the headset off. The forthcoming headset Rift S applies the same Oculus Touch controllers which are included in future Oculus Quest. It is a slightly redesigned version from the original that moves the tracking ring below your hand to minimize occlusion.

Oculus Rift Sis somewhere in Spring 2019 which could mean we can see Oculus Rift S anytime between April 1- June 30. Although the company hasn’t released an official statement for the update. Rift S would pack an incredible upgrade when it comes to display and optics. The upcoming Rift S would use a single fast-switch LCD panel that delivers 1280 x 1440 per eye when compared it still falls short of the HTC Vive Pro’s 2880 x 1620 total.