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Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission:And Details

Bandai Namco released announced on April 5, 2019, in which it was revealed that Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission was officially released in the Americas for Nintendo Switch and PCs via Steam. Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a tactical RPG card game, and it is actually the first Dragon Ball Heroes game to be released outside of Japan. The game will challenge the minds of the Dragon Ball fans.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission takes place in Hero Town, which is an alternative reality. Here a Dragon Ball card game is the most popular form of entertainment. The players will take up the role of Beat, who is the protagonist of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Mission. The players will follow Beat’s journey to become the world champion of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

But, when enemies from the virtual game world appear in Hero Town and start causing destruction, Beat jumps into the game world. He ends up teaming with famous Dragon Ball characters in order to bring back peace to the real world.

The brand manager, Mark Religioso said, “Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission offers the perfect blend of strategic card battle gameplay combined with the beloved Dragon Ball universe. Dragon Ball and card battle game fans now have a collective meeting point to come together and enjoy a game that is truly unique and appeals to both parties. We can’t wait to see heated card battle matches take place in the west!”