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Skate 4 Gameplay, and Details

Skate 4
Skate 4

Video games nowadays have been following the new style narrative story which comes with fine side quests. Before this, when the technology wasn’t this developed, games were made on simpler scenes. The Tony Hawk Pro Skater serious first appeared in 1999, and it was a great hit. The game led Tony Hawn to stardom and gave him more fame than his entire career could earn. The game was followed by numerous sequels and knock offs.

The gameplay mainly revolved around playing on a skateboard and doing various stunts, tricks, and flicks. The game is straightforward, yet it is very tough to master the gameplay, which makes it very addictive. The first game was released on EA Black Box in 2007, and after that, the second and third parts also came out, which made the franchise very popular. Now, it has been nine years, and fans are asking if a fourth part will come out or not.

Gameplay of Skate

Players have to play from a third-person perspective. It uses a flick control, and the skateboard stunts can be performed using the analog sticks of the controller. The game has managed to validate all the laws of physics for a realistic experience. With Skate 2, we got introduced to the concept of the open world.

The game has got a career mode, which lets the players customize the character in terms of gender, looks,  accessories, and also the skateboard. We have also got a storyboard where the main character has been released from prison and was a former skateboarder. The multi-player mode allows two to four players to play together. The gameplay features objectives that have to be completed based on certain challenges.

Skate 3 took the game to Port Caverton, and again we got an open world. We can also set the difficulty mode of the game and also a tutorial mode called Skate school. Many skateboarding professionals can be seen in Skate 3, such as Darren Navarette, Danny Way, Terry Kennedy, Chris Cole, and so on. The multi-player mode was loved by players in the last game, and now we are looking forward to more additions in the feature of Skate 4.

Skate 4 update

Skate 4 will be released in 2022. The revival of the franchise has been in demand for a long time. Fans loved the game at first, but after many low-quality skateboarding games came out, the series was forgotten by many fans. However, this can be an opportunity to make a comeback in this genre and please the fans who have not gotten many high graphic games in this theme.

Reports told us how EA games had recently collaborated with Skate 3 and made a compatible version for Xbox One. This kind of renewal also suggests that EA games might look forward to work on Skate 4, and it might come out soon. For the time being, fans can focus on other games of skateboarding, such as Session by Creature Studios, which will be coming out on PC and Xbox along with PlayStation.

Skate 4 Trailer and Development

The trailer of Skate 4 has not come out, but the last game’s trailer can be found below.

EA games are going to take part in the development of the game. A new studio will come into play, and we are expecting to come out on all major platforms such as PC and Xbox consoles.

The game has managed to get a huge fan base, which will help it to bounce back even after almost a decade. Positive reviews have been received by players as well as critics. The game is going to be backed up by names such as EA games, which makes it worthy of trying once.

The game will have to focus on graphics and gameplay. The last game that was released in 2010 had good graphics according to that time, but now the time has changed. Now, to compete with other high graphic games, Skater 4  has to level up the game. We are again going to get an open-world game, and hence a lot is expected.

Being an open-world game, the developers have to give us lots of elements to interact with. Even though it will be mainly focused on skating, however, we are hoping to get some GTA vibes from it. One thing that can be added is the concept of side missions that can be focused on not just stunts but real-life situations and maybe even surrounding some crime. Since, Skate is all about speeding up on a skateboard, some missions with chasing as the theme can be added.

We can’t expect to drive cars, of course, like in GTA games but still, a lot of work can be done on the surroundings and looks of the world. Some players might even enjoy just skating across a beautiful scene such as a beach. All this will make the game heavy in size and more demanding in terms of graphics. There are high chances that the game will attract not only those who love skating but all the open-world lovers who are crazy about action and adventure. The story mode is also expected to be exciting, and after all, it will be 2022 games, so it will have a whole new face if EA games give their best in it.