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Generation HBO Max Other Original Shows

Generation update

HBO Max has announced that the television show known as Generation is going to be a part of their original show list. This is set to be a full-on comedy show. In this post, I’ll be talking about the Generation other shows that HBO Max is set to release as its original shows. Also, spoilers are also part of this post, this is a quick spoiler warning for all of you who don’t like spoiler content. Without delaying the post any more let us begin discussing the topic.

The creators of this new show are Zelda Barnz and Daniel Barnz. Daniel Barnz will also be to directing the show. The genre of Generation show is drama and dark comedy. One season of the show has been confirmed and it will be comprised of a total of 10 episodes. The runtime of each Generation episode is 30 minutes approximately.

The production companies that are producing Generation shows are Good Thing Going Productions and We’re Not Brothers Productions. Some of the cast details for the show are also out. Nathan Alexander, Nava Mau, Lukita Maxwell, Chloe East, Haley Sanchez, Sam Trammell, Chase Sui Wonders, Uly Schlesinger, Justice Smith, and Martha Plimpton. The order of the series has been confirmed and the fans of Zelda and Daniel will surely be ecstatic while they are awaiting the launch of the show.

Generation update

Generation will be released in 2021, although this is yet to be officially announced. As soon as the update of the show will be out hopefully we’ll update this post for your convenience. HBO Max will be releasing 31 original series in 2020 and 50 in 2021. We don’t know whether Generation will be released in 2020 or next year.

One thing is certain that due to the Coronavirus pandemic the release of this show could well be further delayed. We don’t know for how long this situation will last, it is well possible that there will be a further delay in the series than anticipated. It could also stretch to 2022 if the situation isn’t going to get under control. Some say even more than that. Let us see what the King of Kings, The Almighty will have planned for us humans. Here are now some of the other television series that have been announced by HBO Max:

  • Close Enough, it is a sitcom series and one season of this show has been confirmed so far and it will have 13 episodes. The production companies of this show are Cartoon Network Studios and Studio T.
  • The Boondocks, its genre is a black sitcom. It will be released in 2020 only. Two seasons of this show have been confirmed. 24 episodes have been confirmed so far. Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Pictures Television.
  • The Prince, it has a genre of Sitcom satire. 20th Century Fox Television and Bento Box Entertainment will be the ones that will be producing this new show. The order of the series has been placed by HBO Max.
  • Craftopia, its genre is a reality game show. It will be releasing on 27 May 2020. B17 Entertainment is the production company involved with its making.
  • Legendary is another non-fiction reality/competition show. It is also set to be released in May 2020. Even the name of this show sounds interesting. Scout Productions is producing the show. For the sake of the fans of this show, it should be an interesting one to follow.
  • The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo, the genre of this show is reality, talk show. This one will also be released on 27 May 2020. Sesame Workshop will be the production company involved with its production. The name of the show seems to take a dig at the late show title based shows. Let us see how good it is in the near future if it is released on time.
  • Karma, it is a reality television show. The name seems weird. The release of this show is scheduled to be in June 2020 which is still a couple of months away from now. The series order of the show has been given by HBO Max and GoodStory Entertainment will be producing this latest show.
  • Full Bloom, it is a reality game show which is its genre. The exact update of this show is yet to be announced but it has been confirmed that the show will be released in 2020 only, so it is indeed some interesting piece of news for the fans of this new show. Eureka Productions will be producing this show. Let us see how this product works for them.
  • The Big Shot with Bethenny, it is a game show whose update is yet to be announced. It will be having 18 episodes in its very first season, which will be having 30 minutes each episode. Series has been ordered by HBO Max and the production companies involved in this show are MGM Television, B Real Productions, and Big Fish Entertainment.

The upcoming show’s list of HBO Max seems pretty big and not all will be possible to share here. Let us know your thoughts regarding the Generation other shows that we discussed above.