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Trust Me Season 3: Cancelled or Confirmed?

Trust Me is a medical conspiracy thrilled that runs on BBC1. The show aired first in 2017, from April 16th April at 9 pm on BBC1, Season 2 aired. Season 2 consisted of an entirely new cast, instead of Jodie Whittaker playing fake doctor Cath Hardacre, we saw a new cast comprising of John Hannah (Four Weddings and a Funeral fame) and Alfred Enoch. Series 2 had a unique story; we saw Corporal Jamie McCain, a soldier injured and temporarily paralyzed on duty. Jamie is recovering in a Glasgow hospital. This is where the drama begins.

People in Glasgow hospital die mysteriously around McCain. As he decides to investigate this, his injury limits him. He’s completely broken and unable to do this. This is where he goes on a journey of self-discovery.

Writer Dan Sefton considered it a fantastic idea to have someone who previously was physically strong and fit, now injured and crippled even to move. In between all this, McCain finds fresh vigor for life; he tries to get things back on track. The investigation provides McCain a reason and a cause to live for. He doesn’t want more people died at the hospital.

The cast of Trust In Me includes Alfred Enoch as Dean Thomas, Corporal Jamie McCain, while John Hannah as Archie Watson. Ashley Jensen as Debbie, Richard Rankin as Dr. Alex Kiernan.

Season 3 of This Is Us is not confirmed as of now, Sefton mentioned that he’s raking his mind to find ideas what could be done in Season 3. The next season isn’t confirmed as of now, but we sure hope the thriller comes back to BBC1. More as we have it.