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Bad Blood Season 3: update, Cast, Trailer, And More

Bad Blood 2 is streaming on Netflix right now. Season 3 is supposed to be out soon. The kind of genre that Bad Blood follows is True Crime and that has been in an uprising since the mid-2010s, the popularity of which seems to be only increasing and increasing. Bad Blood is the Canadian neo-crime TV show that depicts anti-heroes excellently. Bad Blood deals with the true story Montreal-based Rizzuto crime family. Back on September 21, 2017, the first season of Bad Blood premiered on CityTV. Since then, the series has got a total of two seasons.

A year later, Bad Blood arrived on Netflix on October 10, 2018, with Season 1. The second installment of Bad Blood started streaming on May 31, 2019. Both Season 1 and 2 were positively received in both the regions, USA and Canada. Going by its release history, Season 3 is expected to arrive on Netflix around October 2019.

Season 3 plot will pick up from where Season 2 left off, the aftermath of what happened by the end. Bad Blood is an atypical mafia drama, that was spun into a TV show from the research of Peter Edwards and Antonio Nicaso. This research was compiled into a book titled “Business or Blood: Mafia Boss Vito Rizutto’s Last War”. The source material aka the book covered the first season only. But then, Bad Blood was supposed to be a miniseries.

As for the second installment, it went onto tale its own path by deviating from the book’s contents. It spoke about the exploits and trials of Decline, Vito Rizzuto’s right hand and the chosen heir to the Rizzuto crime empire. Season 3, we are supposing will follow an original plot with Kim Coates returning for the Season. Louis Ferreira, Melanie Scrofano, and Ryan McDonald will also make their presence on the show.

We don’t have a trailer for Season 3 of Bad Blood yet, since the official renewal is pending, still. But we have seen plenty of promotional teases popping up. You may stream Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix until then. More as we have it.