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Ark: Survival Evolved New Map ‘Valguero,’ Available on Steam and Coming This July For Console Users

Ark Survival 'Valguero,'

Studio Wildcard’s action-adventure survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved had been impressing fans lately with its new added content. The latest addition in the survival game was a new map which they call ‘Valguero,’ and so far, fans are quite enjoying playing on it. We will be giving you all the details regarding the map and how you can get it if you haven’t got it already.

According to Studio Wildcard, the new map is pretty diverse and vast in terms of its size which is approx 63 square kilometers, and it includes some of the most breathtaking locations which can be seen from a mountain top and the lush green vegetation which is just so soothing to naked eye, however, the location is not all about beauty as players will come across boss battles, mystery caves, a new ferocious dinosaur, Deinonychus and much more.

Ark: Survival Evolved New Map Salient Features:

Salient features of the new ‘Valguero,’ map includes:

  • A total landmass of 63 square kilometers to explore.
  • Peaks and Valleys
  • Triple Threat Boss Challenges
  • New Dinosaur – Deinonychus
  • Into The Trenches
  • Secrets From the Ancient Age

You can get the full details of the map on the official website.

Ark: Survival Evolved New Map update:

The new additional ‘Valguero,’ released on 18th June and is now available for download on Steam for PC users. Console gamers will have to wait as the map will be released in July.

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