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Love Island Season 5 Episode 27: ‘The Unseen Bits 4’ Streaming And More Details

Love Island Season 5 Episode 27

Another Saturday, another Unseen Bits episode will be coming out. While we are supposed to see the 26th episode today, fans are already crazy after the next Unseen Bits episode. Nonetheless, it is not considered as a regular episode, as it does not involve any recent news, and all it has is the unseen footages of previous episodes. Most of them are funny, although some of them are the topics which were not covered in the daily episodes due to time limit.

The Unseen Bits episodes are not a part of the regular episode count, so it causes a lag between number of episodes and the daily episodes with new content. There have been three Unseen Bits episodes, and this week, we will see the fourth one. The 26th episode is actually episode 23, and the 28th episode will be episode 24, because episode 27 is Unseen Bits episode.

The UK fans would be watching the show on ITV2 channel as usual, at 9 PM on this Saturday. Although, the show airs everyday so it is their daily practice to tune into ITV2 at 9 PM everyday. The 27th episode of Love Island season 5 is scheduled to release on 29 June 2019. The next episode is titled ‘The Unseen Bits 4.’

The show is also available to be streamed online, and the UK fans just need to use the ITV Hub app to watch it live at the discussed time and date. Not just that, viewers are also able to watch all the old episodes of this season, which is very helpful if you miss some episodes, including the latest one.

On the other hand, the American audience can watch the show on Hulu, although they are not able to watch the show everyday like the UK fans. They have to wait for Saturday, when Hulu adds five new episodes, and that is when they get the new updates about the show.