Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Image Glitch Got Everyone: Not Loading Newer Pictures

While all the internet freaks are going mad over the Instagram and Facebook image glitch, we are here to provide you with all the details available. We have been seeing that Facebook has not been consistent when it comes to the performance of its three major social media applications, which are WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. We need to note that all three are working on an integrated interface, so a glitch is applicable on all three.

A couple of hours back, I was scrolling my Instagram and suddenly noticed that the pictures are not loading. Only those posts, which were older than a specific time were being shown. All the latest pictures which were uploaded by several accounts were not loading. It got me, as I cleared all my ram, cache memory, and even cleared app data and again logged in.

Nothing helped, and then I just gave up. Soon, I opened Facebook for some reason, and discovered the same problems, as new pictures were not loading, and all the old pictures were showing properly. Then I got to know that it is again a glitch, which Facebook itself has admitted. Facebook has assured that they are working on it, as they have already noticed the issue.

Well, it is not the first time, as we saw Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram going down back in April this year, and it raises questions over the quality of these integrated social media platforms. Facebook has integrated the apps, and all the platforms are on shared servers. Hence, all the issues are pretty widespread. It has already been a couple of hours since we experience the issue, and I hope it gets fixed soon!

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