Who is Ian Fleming? What Were His Rules Behind James Bond Mindset?

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Who Was Ian Fleming?

The whole world should be thankful to Ian Fleming for giving us, James Bond. James Bond is the reader’s favorite spy character. In fact, he is not just a character anymore. So we have seen many series and movies starring James Bond that it seems like he is a real human being who was a hero of his time. Ian Lancaster Fleming was born on May 28, 1908. He was a writer, journalist, and naval intelligence officer. However, all the work done by Ian Fleming is one side, and his creation of James Bond’s character is one side. He developed a James Bond series after the war. Originally, the James Bond series was a collection of spy novels. Unlike many other authors of that time, Ian did not have to struggle in his life. He belonged to a wealthy family; his father was a Member Of Parliament (MP) from Henley. 

Ian Fleming’s James Bond

Initially, Ian Fleming mentioned the idea of writing a spy novel just in front of his friends. It was the time of the war, and just after two months after his declaration, Ian launched the first James Bond book, “Casino Royale.” The location he chose for writing was Goldeneye and started on February 17, 1952. The talented author used his own imagination and experience to write it. Later, the author revealed that he started working on the novel just to distract himself from his upcoming wedding. However, this immensely talented writer also had to see some hardships in publishing his first book.

Who Was Ian Fleming?

When he showed the final draft to his friend, he said that the suspense was missing in the spy thriller. Fleming sent the draft to the publishers instead of his friend’s negative remarks. Nevertheless, he faced another problem when publishers denied publishing the book. Fate has it, and the book needed to be published. Fleming’s brother persuaded the publisher, and soon James Bond was on the market. The book was an instant success, with publishers needing three more prints as soon as it was published. 

What Was Ian Fleming’s Rules Behind James Bond Mindset?

According to Fleming, James Bond was the integration of many detectives and secret agents he met during his time as a Naval Intelligence officer. When we think about the James Bond movies and series, there are some memories and elements that find their way to our minds. For example, car chases, a hell lot of martinis, wicked plans, gadgets, and guns. However, these all were not the things in Fleming’s mind when he was developing a character. He wanted James Bond to be an extremely dull human to whom things happen unexpectedly.

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To everyone’s surprise, He said that when he was searching for a protagonist’s name, he thought that James Bond was the dullest name ever. The name of this enormously popular series came from an ornithologist James Bond. Fleming said that he wanted James to be neutral about everything interesting or non-interesting happening around him. However, his earlier aspirations do not match with the character we got to meet. Despite his intentions, he made James an expert marksman and a scuba expert. 

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