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Balance Unlimited Episode 10 update, Preview, and Spoilers

Balance Unlimited

After the death of  Nakamoto and Takei Haru suggest that they should get bat to MCPTF. Suzie is under the care of nurses and Haru told Daisuke he is going to tell everything that he knows. Daisuke refuses and said that it is a family matter and Haru replied if Daisuke is not going to be involved in this case as a detective. Daisuke hand over his I’D of the metropolitan police department. Meanwhile, at the police station, Nakamoto and Takei’s colleague are worried why those two have to die.

Harau promised everyone that he will catch the guy who is responsible for the murder. The director suggested that it is better if they are working with Daisuke. Haru reveals that Daisuke is no longer a police officer. Director asks Haru how is he planning on catching the perp. Haru became speechless and the Director shows his colleague a dice that Nakamoto use to carry around. He explains that one dice works as a wiretap and the other one works a receiver.

This post is about the updates of Balance Unlimited Episode 10 update, preview, and recap. You can officially get more updates of this Anime on Take a look at the schedule below then you will move to the updates.

Balance UNLIMITED Episode 10 will be released on Friday, 18 September 2020, at 12:55 AM JST. This Anime releases its new episode every Friday. This post may contain spoilers of the upcoming episode so watch out for them when you continue. Allow me to take you to the recap and preview below.

Balance Unlimited

Balance Unlimited

Previously on Balance Unlimited Episode 9

Haru realizes that that’s why Nakamoto didn’t run when the guy who killed him shows up. Suddenly a group of cops show up and said that they are holding Haru into custody. Hoshino said that he is taking Haru for witnessing chief Takei and inspector Nakamoto’s murder. Hoshino also said that everyone from modern crime should refrain from rash activities and stand by for time being.

Hoshino asks where Daisuke is. Meanwhile, Suzie helps Daisuke by matching the picture of the murderer. Her grandmother asks about the CCTV and she replied that the system was shut down before the murder took place. Daisuke reveals that only members of the Kambe family can control the system. His grandmother thinks that Shigemaru can’t do that. Shigemaru is Dasuike’s father and the husband os Suriya who is murdered which leads to Nakamoto and Takei being murdered.

Daisuke asks his grandmother why she kept it as a secret that his father is still alive. His grandmother reply that it is natural for a parent to protect their child. Daisuke replied that it is also natural for the son to have a grudge against the murder of his mother. Daisuke’s grandmother left and Daisuke promised that he is going after the perp. Suzie said that they can’t trust HEUSC and this can be a trap for Dasuike.

The perp also showed his face to lure out Daisuke. Daisuke suggested that the moment Suzie picks up his trail she must tell him. Later Daisuke is fighting with a stranger on top of the building and the stranger received a message that he must not kill Daisuke. Daisuke is being overpowered by a stranger and Haru shows up from a distance. He took his gun and wanted to shoot the villain but he hesitates to kill him.

Balance Unlimited Episode 10 Preview

That’s all we manage to get for you about this Anime and the latest preview along with the updates. For the updates about the next episode, we will be back again next week Friday.