Kengan Omega Chapter 83 Spoilers and News

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Kengan Omega

The fifth match of the Kengan Association is about to take place, it is the Hawk of Ordos Naidan Monkhabt vs the Dragon King Goah Ryuki. At the red corner it is Naidan weighing 118kb and 194 cm tall. At the blue corner is Ryuki weighing 79kg and 180cm tall. The Hawk of Ordos has an advantage in reach, on his weight and he looks like heavyweight while his opponent looks like a light heavyweight.

Both fighters are standing in the middle of the ring sizing each other. Ryuki wants answers from Naidan asking him if he knows about the worm. Naidan refuses to give him an answer saying that he must not get his hope high. At the stand, Edward Wu has noticed that those who know about the worm would never reveal the truth to prevent information from leaking.

Kengan Omega Chapter 83 Recap

Kengan Omega Chapter 83 will be released on Thursday, 29 October 2020. This Manga releases a new chapter every Thursday unless it changes its weekly schedule. The real battle is about to begin after a face-off. Allow me to take you to the updates of Kengan Omega down below.

Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 82

The guy in the dark is surprised that Naidan is a worm and he doesn’t know about it. He thinks that there still other worms among them thinking about previous fighters. Ryuki said that he won’t show mercy to the worm and it is better for Naidan to give up quickly. Naidan replies that he is glad that he is in combat with him. Both fighters show their stance ready to clash. Shin Alisa who is the ref told them that they can begin.

Ryuki charges and he paid for by receiving a leg kick that sends him back he was standing sliding on his butt. He gets up filled with rage and he got pinned to the ground. Naidan specializes in grappling and he is using takedowns to his advantage and he wants to finish Ryuki before he knows it. Narushima Koga yells to Ryuki that he must fight back kick Naidan’s butt. Naidan told Ryuki that he is not an imposter he the real genuine Naidan Monthabt and his Bokh is genuine.

Ryuki decides to take Naidan by surprise since he cannot beat him in strength. Ryuki charges with Gaoh style and receives an uncoiling serpent fist. The fist landed like an uppercut sending him away while spitting blood from his mouth. Naidan said that it is kill or be killed he better step up or he will be finished.

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