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Line Of Duty: Complicated Plot Clues Revealed By The Boss For Series 6

Line of duty is yet to get back on the television, but we have got some clues from show creator Jed Mercurio who made fans confused regarding the new series. For example, the writer recently gave a clue and mentioned about a pack of Australian Chocolate biscuits Tim Tam. Fans already began to withdraw a theory from this, and people began to convince themselves with certain theories.

The theories

Fans came up with theories such as the broken in half biscuits are made by Arnott’s, and the surname is same as that of Steve Arnott, so fans concluded that Arnott breaks.

Another fan came with up a funny idea that the biscuit bar will be breaking, and the company belongs to Arnott, so maybe Steve will be breaking up with his girlfriend and will be investigating her.

A third theory, which was based on some detailed research, came up and told that the biscuit makers had the same surname as Steve’s colleague Kate Fleming. Fans are pretty much confused about what to think and if it is only a coincidence. Some more theories come into light about Steve, and Kate gets it on.

This has really become complex about what will be the role of Kate. Will Steve and Kate break up, or are they going to end up in bed together? We definitely need more clues on this and hence cannot come to a conclusion with such little hints. We do not even know much about the six series. However, a new cast got added aa Kelly Macdonald who will be playing as AC-12’s next adversary. There are also high possibilities that the next ultimate villain will be played by Superintendent Ted Hastings. It will be interesting to find out how the clues add up at the last because right now, it almost impossible to come to a conclusion.