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‘Twin Star Exorcist’ Chapter 79 Where To Read, and Spoilers

'Twin Star Exorcist' Chapter 79 update, Where To Read, and Spoilers

The preparations for the wedding are moving along in the latest chapter of “Twin star exorcists” following Rokuro’s proposal in the previous chapters. The manga made its most recent release n the 6th of January with chapter 78. So in this post, we are going to talk about ‘Twin Star Exorcists’ Chapter 79 where to read, and spoilers. We will start by looking at the spoilers, so if you don’t like them, you can just skip the spoilers section.

‘Twin Star Exorcist’ Chapter 79 Spoilers

'Twin Star Exorcist' Chapter 79 Where To Read, and Spoilers

Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 79

Benio tries her wedding dress just when Mayura comes in to see how she is doing. Meanwhile, Alice summoned a meeting about a joint mission with the Twin stars and the Amawaka family to investigate the appearances of mysterious Kegare in Magano. So a team was formed as the 6th Basara is said to have appeared. When they arrived in Magano, they found that it was a stage performance with audiences of Kegare and ended up fighting with them.

When Can You Expect ‘Twin Star Exorcist’ Chapter 79?

Thim manga releases new chapters every month. The latest release was made on the 6th of January 2020 with the release of chapter 78. So this came with theon the release schedule as chapter 79 will be released on the 3rd of February 2020. You can use the information below to stay up to date and read new chapters when they are available.

Where Can You Read ‘Twin Star Exorcist’ Manga?

You can read Twin Star Exorcist’s latest chapters once they are published from VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official websites and platforms. Raw chapters are released 2-3 days before the digital scans are published. However, we advise you to read digital scans from the official website and Apps as this will help promote the manga creators and its publishers.

What Is ‘Twin Star Exorcist’ Manga About?

Twin Star Exorcists follows the life of Rokuro, who is from a family of exorcists. He was forced to be up to his incredible potential when a new arrival, Benio stirs his competitive spirit. Their rivalry is twisted up when they earn the title of “Twin Star Exorcists” the supreme fighters fated to marry and give birth to the ultimate spiritual warrior.