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The Stand Plot, Episodes, andDetails

The Stand

The upcoming drama miniseries, The Stand will be releasing very soon, and fans can’t wait to see what Stephen King’s upcoming thriller has to offer. The upcoming miniseries has been teased to feature a new concept and is expected to provide thrilling content that will keep the fans at their edge of the seat throughout the movie.

The series had its share of controversy in the past, but now that the project is back in development, fans are hoping to see the series very soon. We have gathered all the recent updates and information regarding the upcoming miniseries, so here is everything you need to know about The Stand.

The Stand Plot

According to the updates, the miniseries is set in a world affected by the apocalyptic plague, and the condition is deteriorating as the struggle between the good and evil increases.

Despite the current chaotic circumstances, a ray of hope is still available in the form of Mother Abigail (108-year-old) and the survivors. The story covers their epic struggle against the baddie known as the dark man with ‘unspeakable powers,’ Randall Flagg.

On 7th April 2019, Controversy sparked when Daily Moth reported that John Boone cast a hearing actor for the role of a deaf and rejected a deaf actor. There were severe backlashes but, in his defense, John Boone said that the deaf character, when he turns into a ghost in his dreams, can speak and hear, that’s why he decided to choose a hearing actor for the role.

The Stand: Episodes

According to an interview, Mcnamara revealed that the finale would take the audience beyond the concept of the original book and will answer some critical questions that the book didn’t provide. The Stand is reported to feature a total of 9 episodes.

The Stand update

An officialis yet to be revealed, however, according to rumors and speculations, The Stand might get released in the fall of 2020, and it will premiere on All Access.