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Dr. Cutie Episode 9: Streaming, and Details

Dr. Cutie

Dr. Cutie is a Chinese drama that started airing on January 18, 2020, on the Youku network. It is also known as Meng Yi Tian Qi in China, and the drama stars Sun Qian, Huang Jun Jie, Zha Jie, and Hong Shan Shan in the main roles. It is directed by Ke Han Chen. The drama will consist of 28 episodes and airs every Saturday with an episode runtime of 45 minutes.

Where To Watch Dr. Cutie Episode 9 Online?

The show can be watched on the streaming service Viki with English subtitles. Two episodes drop on the same day on Viki, so episodes 9 and 10 can be viewed this Saturday.

When Is Dr. Cutie Episode 9 update?

Dr. Cutie’s ninth episode will drop on Viki on Saturday, February 1, with English subtitles.

What Is Dr. Cutie Plot?

The show tells the story of Shen Zhao Er (played by Sun Qian), who is the sole survivor from a powerful public servant’s family. This public servant was framed and then sentenced to death, along with his family, for poisoning a royal consort.

Shen Zhao Er managed to escape and is now ready to take revenge seven years later. Disguising herself as a physician under the name of Tian Qi, Shen Zhao Er has gone through training to become a medic.

Due to her skills, she is appointed as the private doctor to the fiance of the Emperor (played by Huang Jun Jie). Of course, the Emperor is attracted to this physician, who, in reality, is only out for revenge against the evil public servants who framed her father and the rest of her family. The drama will show Shen Zhao Er survive against the scheming and dastardly plans of the public servants, as they intend to do nothing but play for their own benefit.