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Daemon X Machina Switch Game Demo Finally Out

Daemon X Machina is an action-oriented game. During the Nintendo presentation on 13 February 2019, we got to know that the game is coming out in this summer only and the demo or the game’s prototype as some like to call it was also released in the same presentation. The aim of releasing this demo version is letting the gamers out there testing the game and provide their feedback.

Here is the synopsis of this action-oriented game:
The game’s story is like that of the terminator, but here there is no time travel. Humans had created artificial intelligence based machines known as Immortals. They have turned on their masters who created them and sought to take control over earth. It is said to be the greatest disaster in human history.

Somehow even moon gets torn apart turning it into a kaleidoscope which brings upon red light on Earth. So, those who have survived need to adapt as quickly as possible to defeat these AI based Immortals. Gamers will get a fully customizable battle suit which they can enhance after defeating Immortals and taking their arsenal and use it to beat them.

The producer of the game is Kenichirō Tsukuda. With a view of developing his game further, he is releasing the demo version. Even though the plot looks old but the visuals look good as new. I am entirely impressed by the sheer looks of the game and want to try it as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, I and all the fans of this game have to wait until summer for its release. After it is released, we all need to try and free the world from Immortals.