‘Born Again’ K-drama: update, Plot, Cast, and Details

Born Again is an upcoming mystery K-drama by the network KBS. It stars Jang Ki Yong (“Come and Hug Me,” “Kill It”), Lee Soo Hyuk (“Lucky Romance,” “Sweet Stranger and Me”) and Jin Se Yeon (“Doctor Stranger,” “Queen: Love and War”) in the lead roles.

The drama is directed by Jin Hyung Wook (“Liver or Die,” “The Secret of My Love”) and the screenplay is provided by Jung Soo Mi. The drama will begin airing from April 20, 2020, on KBS2 every Monday and Tuesday.

Born Again K-drama Plot

Born Again tells the story of three people, a serial killer, a detective who is trying to find him, and the detective’s lover who is being pursued romantically by said serial killer. This was around the 1980s, and while they died out, they get reincarnated and meet each other again during the present day through fate.

Here are the characters of Born Again:

Kong Ji Cheol (played by Chang Ki Yong) was a serial killer in his past life and he let go of his inhibitions to become inhuman just like his father. He gets reincarnated as Cheon Jong Beom, who is a medical student.

Cha Hyeong Bin (played by Lee Soo Hyuk) was a detective in his past life who had a lover and was trying to catch a serial killer. Now in the present day after getting reincarnated, he is a prosecutor.

Jung Ha Eun (played by Jin Se Yun) suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy (inability of the heart to pump blood due to an enlarged or weakened left ventricle) in her lifetime and was a lover of Cha Hyeong Bin. She was also a one-sided love interest of serial killer Kong Ji Cheol. She has now reincarnated as Jung Sa Bin, a bone archaeology instructor.

Who is in Born Again K-drama Cast?

Chang ki Yong as Kong Ji Cheol and Cheon Jong Beom
Jin Se Yun as Jung Ha Eun and Jung Sa Bin
Lee Soo Hyuk as Cha Hyeong Bin and Kim Soo Hyeok
Kim Jung Nan as Jang Hye Mi
Choi Kwang Il as Cheon Seok Tae
Jung In Gyeom as Kong In Woo
Jang Won Young as Joo In Do
Cha Min Jee as Jay
Park Sang Hoon as Cheon Jong Woo
Kim Min Sun as Mangoong Joo Hye


When is Born Again K-drama update?

Once Again K-drama will premiere on Monday, April 20, 2020, at 22:00 KST (Korea Standard Time) on KBS2. It will occupy the time slot of Friend Contract. The K-drama will air twice a week, with 32 episodes in total.

Where to Watch Born Again K-drama Online?

While it is too early to know which streaming services will pick up the K-drama for international audiences, be sure to stay tuned as we will update this space as more information releases.

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