7 Best Movies Like ‘The Platform’ You Must Watch

‘The Platform’ is a Spanish science fiction horror thriller film which is directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia and was released in 2019. This movie stats Ivan Massague, Antonia San Juan, Zorion Eguileor, Emilio Buale Coka and Alexandra Masangkay. This movie has an amazing and unique plot. This movie takes it place in a vertical prison where food comes from top to bottom (inmates on the top-level eats first and if any food remains then it goes downwards) and the life in this prison is just hard. Two inmates live on each level, with two beds on either side of the room. This movie is a sharp and tense as hell movie which turns welfare into a literal prison. ‘The Platform’ literally shows us how life is when you are stuck in the endless nightmare trapped in The Pit.

As of now, we live in a weird time where due to the Coronavirus every cinema and theater all around the world are closed. The update of many amazing movies just went blank for the near future and got uncertain. But as we live in a time where streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime keep the cinematic experience within alive. Furthermore, ‘The Platform’ was released on Netflix a few weeks before. There are many movies and television shows on these streaming services to watch. But if you are in search of the movies which are as thrilling as the movie ‘The Platform’ then we have got you covered as this list will cover 7 different movies just like this movie. All the movies on this list will be readily available on the streaming services mentioned above.

high rise

7. High Rise

‘High Rise’ is a 2015 British dystopian film which is directed by Ben Wheatley, starring Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Luke Evans, and Elisabeth Moss. This movie’s screenplay was written by Amy Jump and is based on the 1975 novel ‘High Rise’ by British writer J. G. Ballard.  This film is set in a luxury tower block of forty-story during the time of 1970s. This movie starts when a doctor moves into a new high rise apartment building. It soon appeared that there is a class-divide between the wealthier upper-floors inhabitant where they are untouched by the chaos of the world and have everything that they need or they want. The middle class lives in lower floors tenant. Over the time this escalates into a full-blown floor. This movie is just mind-blowing as it has a unique plot that you may have never seen before.

Ready or Not

6. Ready or Not

‘Ready or Not’ is a 2019 American comedy horror film which is directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. This movie stars Samara Weaving, Adam Brody, Mark O’Brien, Henry Czerny, and Andie Macdowell. This movie revolves around the character named Grace, who had married a man who has a ton of wealth. But Grace has pressure on her like all the women have which is to impress their- laws to like her, but for Grace, it’s all different to fit in the new wealthy dynasty of her husband, she has to follow a brutal tradition. In this tradition, the bride has to survive her wedding night when all of them tries to hunt her down. This movie plot can weird you out from inside out and the acting done by Samara Weaving is just phenomenal.

The Hunt

5. The Hunt

‘The Hunt’ is a 2020 American thriller-horror film which is directed by Craig Zobel and is written by Nick Cuse and Damon Lindelof. ‘The Hunt’ stars amazing actors like Betty Gilpin, Ike Barinholtz, Emma Roberts and many other amazing casts which makes this movie awesome. This movie is kind of inspired by the movie ‘Most Dangerous Game’ which is a thriller and controversial movie from classic old day. This film follows 12 strangers who mysteriously wake up in a clearing in the middle of an area which is referred to as Manor House. They do not know how they get here or why they were there (As they do not remember anything). After a while, they come to know the fact that they are chosen for a hunting game that is run by the group of elites. Meanwhile, they are not picked at random for hunting, but they are chosen based on their conservative agenda. After-awhile the hunting sport is derailed as one of the members who was hunted named, Crystal fights back and starts killing the hunter who was killing them one by one and now hunters are getting hunted. This movie can be disturbing to few so keep that in mind before watching.


4. Us

‘Us’ is a 2019 American horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, and Tim Heidecker. This movie revolves around the Wilson family who takes a vacation to Santa Cruz, California to get away from their busy lives. They also plan to spend time with their friends the Tyler family. On a day at the beach, their young son Jason almost wander off, causing his mother Adelaide to become protective of her family. That night, four mysterious people break into Adelaide’s childhood home and they were known as doppelgängers. The intriguing thing about them was that the intruders just look exactly like them, only with grotesque appearance. This movie truly is an amazing piece of art and the frequent twist which you will see will keep your mind-blowed away.

Escape Plan

3. Escape Plan

This movie takes its place in prison but it’s not about being in prison, rather it is about how to get out of the prison. ‘Escape Plan’ is a 2013 American prison action thriller film starring legendary actors Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger and co-starring Jim Caviezel, 50 Cent and many actors. This film is directed by Swedish director Mikael Hafstrom. This movie has an interesting plot. This movie revolves around a man named Ray Breslin who is an expert on building security prison. After reviewing every high-security prison, his skills are challenged. He’s set up and sent to one of the toughest prisons the one he has designed himself. He needs to escape and find the person who put him behind the bars. This movie has an interesting plot and many cinematic shots that let you know how prison life can be.


2. Parasite

‘Parasite’ a movie that created the history and turned the world upside down because of the charm it has got. This fantastic black comedy thriller film is directed by a legendary Korean director named Bong Joon-ho. This movie stars Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-Kyun, Cho Yeo-Jeong, Choi Woo-Shik, Park So-dam, and Lee Jung-Eun. This movie revolves around two families the one who is poor and does small jobs to get going and the other family which is rich in every mean and has everything they want. In this movie poor family infiltrates into the rich family not as an enemy but as a worker such as their driver, teacher, maid, and psychiatrist. This family becomes a parasite to the rich movie thus the name of this movie. But soon after in the second part it takes a whole new black path which was unexpected. This movie is highly recommended as this movie can give you goosebumps and show the difference between the poor and rich (also their different opinions and views).


1. Cube

Cube is a 1997 Canadian independent science-fiction horror film which is directed and co-written by Vincenzo Natali. This movie has an interesting plot which you just can’t be unseen and every minute detail has been focused and keeps the viewer interested and give one more information about every character which every viewer is unaware of. This whole movie revolves around five strangers who suddenly wake up in a strange cubic structure and they do not remember anything like what happened to them, and why they were there in the first place. When they explore further, they realize that there are hundreds of rooms, each room is nearly identical and they all have different and unique booby traps within them and they are meant to kill them. They try to escape out of this cube with the help of expertise from each other. This movie is great in every perspective except the dialogue as all of the character speaks less. This movie will go in hand to hand with some popcorn as this movie is full of suspense and drama. Go with a straight face as this movie can twist every exception you have.

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