Zombieland Saga Review

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Zombieland Saga Review

How unlucky are you? What do you think about your fortune? Do you give up when you fail? These are some questions that would be highlighted in the anime we are going to talk about today. Zombieland Saga might sound like an action-packed adventure series that focuses on the Zombie apocalypse or something along these lines, but no, it doesn’t! This anime is filled with emotions, sentiments, humor, and music that will entertain not only you but also provide a perspective on life that might make your day. But this is too shallow to describe Zombieland Saga, so let’s dive deep into it. However, before reviewing a series, we must remember our manners and read the synopsis, shouldn’t we?

On her way to give an audition for an idol group, high school student Sakura Minamoto faced an unrealistic accident that turned out to be fatal for her. However, after ten whole years, she comes to know about her resurrection as a zombie. Nevertheless, she isn’t the only one who met this fate as six other “legendary” girls from different generations of Japan were also resurrected back as zombies by a human named Kotaro Tatsumi, whose intention is to save Saga Prefecture with the help of these girls and forms an all-zombie idol group called Franchouchou.

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The story starts by focusing on Sakura Minamoto and her life that changes after the brutal accident she faced on her way to an audition. This misfortune turns out to be a blessing in disguise since she was reborn as a zombie, a creature who can’t die because it’s already dead (Duh). She is then asked to become an idol by Kotaro to save the Saga Prefecture. As you can already see, the plot has a lot of random elements taken and put together. This seems a bit fishy initially, but the series implements these points well, and the setting is pretty unique.

Zombieland Saga Review
Zombieland Saga Anime

The show gives us an idea about all those misfortunes we face in life and how we should deal with them. A ‘Never Give Up’ attitude has been brought into the limelight in a fun and engaging way. When you think that it’s all over or thoughts like you are the unluckiest person on this planet, even more, unfortunate than Nobita, what shall be your approach, how should you react, the mentality that is required, and numerous other thought-provoking questions are all portrayed in a fun and entertaining manner.


The series is put forward in a half-comedy-half-plot manner, which means that the first half of the series mostly focuses on humor and the other half focuses on the story. The comedy segments are fantastic, enjoyable, and very well presented. Forming stereotypical moments and breaking them is just one of the many methods utilized to present its humor.

As far as the storyline is concerned, the first half focuses on setting the characters and building relationships, whereas the next half makes way for the characters to shine and start to take the real pace. The backstories are served in a heartwarming and pleasant manner, and it turns out great since the series built strong relationships initially.


The most outstanding factor of this series is its use of 3D animation. If you have been in the anime community for a while, you might be acquainted with the opinion of fans, which suggests that 3D animation is garbage and usually ruins the series. However, Zombieland Saga is one of those series that deserves our attention as it nicely uses 3D animation.

Although it lacks fluidity and precision, the way CGI is depicted in this show tells us that the use of 3D animation is not always bad, and enough effort can make them appealing as well. Even though we are a long way from completely adapting CG in anime, this series gives us hope that it is possible to create a good show using that kind of animation.

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