PUBG Mobile Lite: Launch Date In India And Supported Devices

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Pubg Mobile Lite

PUBG is one of the biggest games in the world, and it has a lot of fans base. The company Bluehole have made a game that is going to be everyone’s mind, and it is the game that popularises the battle royal genre. Pubg is extremely successful on the console and PC; the company now expand their fan base by releasing a mobile version of Pubg. Many were excited to hear this new, and when it was released, millions and millions of people played it. It is without a doubt the most successful mobile game of all time. It has a total of over 20 million daily players in September of 2018. And with its major that added a new map to the game called as Vikendi made it even more amazing.

This game is without a doubt a good game and has great graphics for a mobile game, but the only problem it has is that it consumes a serious amount of RAM. It is not playable on a phone that has low RAM and processor because it lags and freezes most of the time. The devs listened to their fans and came up with a solution which was to develop a version of the game that can run on low-end devices. This version of Pubg mobile was called as PUBG Mobile Lite. Pubg mobile lite is currently only available in the Philippines where many people are enjoying it. Many reports suggest that the lite version will take some time until it comes to India.

Pubg Mobile Lite launch date
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Mr. Aneesh Aravind, General Manager of Tencent Games India, said, “We are currently testing out the LITE version of PUBG Mobile and optimizing it for Indian networks and devices; successful post testing we will release it in India shortly.”
There are a few changes to this game when compared to its other version. What I meant is that PUBG Mobile Lite will feature a much smaller map which will be 2 km X 2 km and with only 40 players. This will make the game very smooth and fast-paced. It is good news for those who have a low budget smartphone and couldn’t play pubs. It will be interesting to see how Pubg Corp will deal with this as they would have to make new servers for this game and ranking system etc. because they couldn’t combine the two separate games which have different features. As for the I think it will arrive before the end of this year because the devs have a lot of work to do with this game.

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