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10 Things You Missed In Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 ‘The Long Night’

The biggest and most shocking battle in the history of both cinema and TV history is undoubtedly ‘The Long Night.’ Game of Thrones aired its Season 8, episode 3 last Sunday night. The battle of Winterfell, aka The Long Night, took 55 nights of continuous shooting, and with it, Miguel Sapochink has set a precedent that is difficult to match and beat. By the end of it, Arya Stark stabbed the Night King to death by her Valyrian Steel dagger, the same one that Bran/TER gave her in Season 7.

Arya used her training learned at the House of Black and White at the free city of Bravos. This is the temple of faceless men, who are ruthless assassins worshipping the many-faced God. Arya sneaked up on the Night King fast and stabbed him into pieces in no time, this killing his army of White Walkers, Ice Dragon, and Wights. With this, the episode came to an end, the threat is dealt with, though at a very high price.

Now, this is the gist of 8×3, but there certainly are things that you may have missed. Keep reading to know

1. Melisandre used the same Valyrian words used by Beric to light his sword. Both Mel and Beric worshipped The Lord of Light.
2. Arya gave Sansa the first lesson of using a sword/dagger: Stick ’em with the pointy end.
3. 8×3 was a throwback to Arya’s sneaky training with Syrio and Waif.
4. Qhono, who bowed down to Dany at Dosh Khalen, lost his life and became a Wight.
5. Lyanna Mormont lived up to her reputation. She gave her life fighting for the North, killed the Wight Giant in the same place where Wun Wun died.
6. Jorah gave his life for Daenerys. They fought at the army of Wights together in the end. Dany was saved by Valyrian steel sword (Heartsbane) of House Tarly.
7. Alys Karstark disappeared in the middle of Godswood. She is mostly dead.
8. Melisandre talked Arya into killing the Night King; their reunion was a sight to behold.
9. Night King died in the same place in the Godswood where Bran gave Arya the Valyrian Steel Dagger.
10. Life came full circle when the dagger that was meant to kill Bran originally, saved his life in the end. In Season 1, Catspaw assassin was sent to kill Bran Stark.

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