Youth With You Season 2: Finale Episode Results & New Social Media Trend

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Youth With You Season 2: The Finale Episode of China's Hit Reality Show Trending On Social Media. Here Are All The Updates
Youth With You Season 2

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The Finale of China’s hit reality TV Show Youth With You Season-2 took the world by storm after its last episode premiered on Saturday night. In china’s twitter-like Sina Weibo the show #Youth_with_you was among the top trending topics. The finale episode has already got an amazing response all over the internet the show almost crossed 2.2 billion viewers as of Saturday afternoon on china. Apart from China, more than 400 hashtags related to Youth With You was also trending on Twitter in 15 other Countries. The clips of the finale episode on the show’s official youtube channel also gained more than 300 million viewers till now. 

The show’s dance mentor Lisa: Member of the K-pop girl band Blackpink, expressed her gratitude on Sina Weibo on Saturday and Sunday to bid adieu to the show’s trainees and three other mentors of Youth With You. Lisa in Sina Weibo wrote: “Congratulations to the debut of THE9. I hope we can see each other on stage one day. Come on girls. You can do even better”. In the last episode of Youth With You Season 2, the top 20 Mentors were pared down to nine winners, who then debuted as China’s newest girl group: THE9. And on Saturday afternoon, the Japanese girl group IZONE premiered a video to cheer on the 20 contestants. The Rankings of all the 10 contestants were updated every 30 minutes interval during the long 4-hour show which certainly made a lot of fans as well as trainers worried. 

Winners of IQIYI Hit Reality TV Show: Youth With You Season 2 Winners Make Their Debut as Girl Group

Youth With You Season 2: Finale Results

The results were finally revealed after the end of nearly a 4-hour long episode and Liu Yuxin won the lead position along with her teammates Yu Shuxin, Xu Jiaqi, Yu Yan, Xie Keyin, An Qi, Zhao Xiaotang, Kong Xueer, and Lu Kieran. Many Chinese fans of Lou were certainly happy with Lou’s win, but on the other hand, many did not accept her win as fair as many outstanding contestants did not make it to the top 10. One of the most fan-favorite contestants Jin Zihan did not win the Competition surprisingly, some fans of Jin even shared their disbeliefs in Sina Weibo. “Jin Zihan was one of my favorite trainees. She is not only pretty but also is a good singer and dancer. It’s a shame that she didn’t win” An Editor from Beijing said to Global Times on Sunday. The second season of Youth With You has been a success. The second season featured 109 potential candidates, and from 109 candidates, they were then whittled down to a nine girl Band through audience Voting. Here are some of the clips of the finale episode.

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