A Quiet Place 2 To Release In 2020: John Krasinski Returning As Director And Writer

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A Quiet Place 2 update

The maker of A Quiet Place, John Krasinski recently revealed that he would be back as director and writer. Emily Blunt might be returning alongside new cast members on the human side, which is Cillian Murphy and Brian Tyree Henry. There are rumors about the plot that in the next movie, we will reveal something about the monsters in the movie. These monsters are fascinating, being that hunt humans through the sound the humans make.

The Atlanta star, Brian Tyree Henry gave us some clues which show us what direction the sequel of this amazing movie is going for. During an interview with The Observer, he seemed phased when he was asked about his role in the movie. And when he was asked about what will be happening in A Quiet Place 2, Henry replied that the film would reveal where the monster came from and something much more will also be announced.

He added that in the film, we would see the family surviving and they will be meeting new people who have survived this disaster. A Quiet Place is in pre-production right now and Krasinski, as well as Paramount Pictures, are keeping quiet about this. Henry might not have seen the full script, and it could be rewritten. This does sound interesting as it will good to see how they will tell us the story of the monsters that are in the film.

We might see the main character talking in this film, or will we see a flashback that will clear this mystery on when the monster arrived and what their motivates are. Moreover, this suspense about the monster is something that the viewers very extremely interested in. And when the first film didn’t reveal about creatures originated and what happened to the rest of humanity, the interest grew even more. A Quiet Place 2 will arrive in theaters on 15 May 2020.

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