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My Wonderful Life Episode 15 Streaming Details

Park Bok Hee is taking care of Jo Eun Lim inside the hospital, she gave her food and good treatment. Jo Eun Lim said that Go Sang Ah gets on her nerves sometimes even though she is her daughter. She is good at heart and Bok Hee must not be sad by the way she treats her. Bok Hee replied that whatever Jo Eun’s family said she won’t get upset.

Bok Hee asks Jo Eun to let her live under her roof with the family since they have nowhere to go. Jo Eun allows her to stay and says that they are destined to live together and there is song about it. The songs say things don’t happen coincidentally and they both sing it together. Jo Eun told Bok Hee that she is going to give her a big reward for saving her daughter.

The next day in the morning Gi Eun Ha and Gi Eun Soo tries to travel by bus but their tag balance is insufficient for them to travel. They get out of the bus and walk home they reach home at night. Jo Eun’s family teases Bok Hee’s son and daughter after coming home late. Gi Ein said that she will get a job to earn some extra cash.

My Wonderful Life

My Wonderful Life

In the morning Jo Eun came back with Bok Hee discharged from hospital. Jo Eun has found out that her daughter went to work early in the morning. Go Sang Ah is sitting on her office stressed and Jang Shi Kyung came and handed her a custody lawsuit. She told him to stop interfering with her private life.

Jang told her if it is that how she says thank you, since he helped her when she is stuck in her life. Sang Ah told him that she doesn’t like his attitude since he flirts with everyone including her housekeeper. Jang asks if she is complimenting his charms.

My Wonderful Life Episode 15 Streaming Details

My wonderful life episode 15 will be released on Friday, 17 July 2020 at 19:15 Korean Standard Time. The Korean people will be able to get new episodes from Monday to Friday. The episodes will be broadcasted on the Korean local Tv channel MBC. They will be available for online streaming websites after they have been broadcasted. For those who want to stream with English subtitles, the streaming details are down here.

The next episode of My Wonderful life will be available for streaming online on the Nowtv and Dramacool streaming websites. All broadcasted episodes are available for streaming online with English subtitles. All the episodes are available including the latest episode and the broadcasted one.