Once We Get Married Episode 11 Release Date, Streaming Platforms & What To Expect

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A week of waiting is finally going to end for the fans of the popular Chinese drama, ‘Once We Get Married’ as new episodes will be aired this week. Despite the series being a little silly and full of clichés, people seem to like the chemistry between the leads. Contract relationship between an overbearing CEO and a naive cheerful girl, the plotline is already one of the most typical C-drama thing but that isn’t helping us anywhere to not get addicted to it, is it?

In the last week’s episodes, the viewers got to witness the bickering romance between Yin Si Chen and Gu Xi Xi, while none of them actually realise their growing affections for each other. Furthermore, Lin Xiao Ya gives away Xi Xi’s secret of her fake marriage with Si Chen to Mo Zi Xin while she’s drunk. Seems like the characters in this show shouldn’t be allowed to drink as they create trouble everytime they get drunk! As Zixin comes to know about their contract marriage, he seemed very relieved and hopeful of having a chance with her again.

On the other hand, Si Chen gets another opportunity to give a hard time to Xi xi as their matchmaker, Mr. Alex invites the couple to spend a vacation in Italy. Si Chen decides to make her presentable while they are at the vacation and even recruites teachers to teach her dance, Italian and some other etiquettes.

Once We Get Married
A Still From Once We Get Married

The latest episodes also showcased Si Chen’s growing jealousy of Zi Xin and Xi Xi’s friendship as he kept pestering her to maintain a distance between themselves. Although Xi Wei seems to accept the relationship between her childhood sweetheart and Xi xi, realising his changing feelings for her, she is still trying to win his favour. Talking about our second couple, Mu Ruo Na and Shang Ke, they decide to give their relationship a chance after Ruo Na decides to take responsibility for everything that had happened on the unholy night. Meanwhile, Xi Wei invites Xi xi and Si Chen to a party at her studio which Xi xi considers as an opportunity to promote her brand. She offers Si Chen to let her design a suit for him to wear at the party.

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Once We Get Married Ep 11 Release Date

The 11th episode of Once We Get Married will be released on October 15, 2021, Friday. The domestic viewers can tune in to Mango Tv at 8:00pm CST to watch ep 11 while ep 12 will be released shorty after it ends. As for the international fans, they can watch both the episodes online on We TV VIP along with English subtitles.

The series, ‘Once We Get Married’ releases four episodes per week, two on Friday and the next two on Saturday. The series has a total of 24 episodes with a runtime of 40 minutes per episode.

Once We Get Married Ep 11 What to Expect

Once We Get Married
Once We Get Married

The official YouTube channel of We TV has already released the teasers of episodes 11 and 12. Although it’s not very clear, our OTP seems to get closer to each other more than ever. According to the teaser, Xi xi will be lost in a remote area and Si Chen will come to her rescue. We also get a scene of Si Chen admiringly staring at Xi xi while she sleeps like a baby. Man, he’s already smitten by her! We are also going to see the birthday sequence of Si Chen as Xi xi celebrates it with him.

Guess what! Their relationship is finally moving a step forward as they kiss each other, and this time, it’s not an accidental one. Moreover, Si Chen seems to have facing a new challenge in the upcoming episodes as Zixin reveals himself to be the famous comic book writer whom Xi xi admires crazily.

‘Once We Get Married’ casts Uvin Wang as Gu Xi Xi and Wang Zi Qi as Yin Si Chen as the main leads, while Ian Yi as Mo Zi Xin, Zhong Li Li as Ran Xi Wei, Yang Yu as Mu Ruo Na and Li Jun Chen as Shang Ke has been cast in supporting roles.

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