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Shark and Hummer have surprised everyone by bringing Regis, Han, and Woo to their territory. M-21 is shocked that his students are also captured and Shark is happy that he got his hand on some nice prey. Regis wakes up asking where he is and when he saw Shark he realizes what is happening. Shark told Regis that if he tries anything funny Woo and Han will be executed. Regis looks at M-21 who looks away and Regis said to himself that ever since he met M-21 nothing good has happened.

Meanwhile, Seria told Frank and Raizel that she is losing connection with Regis. Franks asks what does she mean and she explains that she shares a faint mental connection with Regis. She also reveals that she shares it to an extent they can tell others is going through and it can only be served if Regis is unconscious or dead. Seria apologizes and said that they can’t understand what she is talking about. She told them not to worry they can enjoy their dinner and she went out.

Noblesse Episode 6 Recap

Noblesse Episode 6 will be released on Wednesday, 11 November 2020, at 10:00 PM JST. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Wednesday. This post may contain spoilers for the next episode if you don’t like them you can skip them. Watch this Anime officially on Crunchyroll. Take a look below.


Previously on Noblesse Episode 5

Frank thinks that Regis might be in trouble since he was supposed to arrive at this time with Han. Meanwhile, Crans ask Shark if Regis is the one. Shark replied yes saying that he is the brat that M-21 tried to help escape and he reveals that when he fought Regis he was no the same level as him even when he uses D. Crans is surprised to hear that and Shark said that is when he knows that Regis has a connection to the coffin. Cran asks M-21 if he was trying to hide information from him and M-21 said that Regis is nothing.

Shark took his dagger trying to scare Regis and he ends up kicking his face. M-21 cant take it when his friends are being abused and Takeo stops Shark from his violent behavior. Han recognizes Takeo but Woo interferes to hide that they have met before. Woo also knows Tao and she calls him boss Shark laughs at her for calling someone like Tao a boss. Woo ask Tao what is happening and Shark kicks her butt telling her it is because of them. Seria, Frank, and Raizel are flying to where their friends are.

They managed to locate them and Frank told Raizel that they won’t let them get hurt. Meanwhile. Shark started beating Regis to a pulp and Seria clash with Hammer at the entrance of Crans territory. Cran told Takeo to go and back up Hummer who is being beaten. M-21 asks Shark if he reveals the truth will they let his friend go.

Cran replies that no stone is going to be left unturned, Shark continues to brutally beat them up. M-21 got tired of seeing his friend being beaten he clashes with Shark. Frank gets in combat with Takeo on top of the building and Crans notice that Shark is getting beaten and he absorbs all of his powers and kills him. Crans told his crew that D is not the drug designed to make them strong it is for him. Crans started to dominate the fight and Raizel shows up angry with red eyes.

Noblesse Episode 6 Preview

We call it a day by giving you all details above. For more about this Anime, we will be back again next week on Wednesday with new updates.

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