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Namaikizakari Chapter 108 Spoilers, Raw Scans and update

Namaikizakari Chapter 108

Coming back from their trip to Hawaii, Yuki and Sho are excited to be reunited with everyone again. But things got a little bit interesting as Sho’s birthday is coming up and Yuki was struggling to find something that would be suitable for his birthday. After having a little talk with Usami, she realized that it’d be better to get him a Koke Maro smartphone stand that he wanted as it would really make him happy.

She then started to look for it all over the stores only to find out that it’s sold out in all stores she went to. Hakamada suggested another store popular for such items and only for them to find Oguri Keita buying the last one in the store. Keita then told them he’d consider giving it up if Yuki beat him at a basketball dunking game to which Hamada ended up as the competitor and winning it for her.

Chapter 108 will see more events unfold as Yuki managed to get the Koke Maro smartphone stand, which was very difficult even for Sho to find and will probably make him happy. But he might find it a little bit bitter that Hamada won it for her. Chapter 108 Raw was set for release last week on the 20th of November, so it might be a while for the English translated version to be published.

Namaikizakari follows the story of Yuki Machida, a second-year high school student who, at home, is the elder sister to his siblings, which ended up with her responsible for everything they might need. This upbringing ended up with her finding it difficult to open up to others. However, she became her school’s basketball team manager as she wanted to be closer to her crush Kido, the team’s captain. Sho Naruse noticed her and constantly mocked her as he took an interest in her. The manga revolves around this dynamic relationship and the day to day lives as they experience various circumstances in their relationships.