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Stardew Valley 1.4 ContentAdds New End Game Mystery And Features

Stardew Valley 1.4 Content Update

Stardew Valley is a fantastic game that is filled with content, and it is getting more and more stuff. Recently a newrolled out by the amazing developer of this awesome game named ConcernedApe. Thisbrought plenty of things to the game, as well as a huge amount of bug fixes. So, let’s talk about the main stuff that came with content1.4.

First of all, a new end-game mystery as been added to the game, which involves a specific building that you see in the above picture. There are new events as well as not characters, and there will be one more thing that the player will have to forward to after marriage. Fish Ponds, a new farm building, will grant you the ability to rush fish and harvest a variety of items from them.

Fishes will mostly produce roe, which can be processed further in a preserves jar. Some fish produce other things, though, and many also produce secondary items that can be useful. A new farm map has been added with Four Corners that is perfect for the new separate money option in multiplayer since each farmer can have their own quadrant to live in. But it’s also fun for single-player or cooperative farms.

Each section will have different perks, but the cliffs will reduce your total farming area. There is one more feature that is the greenhouse, farm cave, and pet area are located in the center of the farm. There are 60 new items in the game, 24 new hairstyles, 181 new shirts, 35 new hats, 14 new pants, and two new boots.

Furthermore, two new monsters and two new alternative levels to the mines have been added as well as 14 new music tracks. Thiswill come to Console & Mobile soon. Moreover, the mobile players’ 1.4 save files will not work on the current 1.3 mobile version. So please keep that in mind when considering a save transfer. This is only a fraction of what thehas brought with it if you want to check the rest, you can do so by clicking right here.