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1917 Review: A Nail Biting Tour of World War I

1917: A Nail Biting Tour of World War I

Roger Deakins has been proving to be a talented actor since the 1970s. He has collaborated with a number of great directors and had started his career in documentary filmmaking. Deakins us well experienced and prepared with any kind of situation in a movie; however, 1917 is something special that he has never done before. Deakins, along with Sam Mendes, has created an impactful and intense tour through the hell if World War 1, which depicts the madness.

Special storyline

The storyline might seem familiar to previous World War 1. However, it brings back the terrifying and horrific tale to life and seems like new. The movie portrays the third year of the war and features the death of thousands of soldiers and soldiers being trapped in trenches. The story focuses on Schofield and Blake, two privates of the British Army who are given an important mission. There is a strategic retreat of the Germans, which spreads a rumor that they will attack the British. If the British troops fell for this trap, they would lose 1600 soldiers.

The action of the movie can make you scream and run. There is a clock ticking in the movie, which is natural, and it makes u hold your breath throughout the incidents. There is a Friendship between Schofield and Blake, which releases the tension. However, the help and support wither away as the story moves into danger. The movie lets you witness civilian life and shows a trek across the No Man’s Land. We can also see aerial combats, and all the suffering is heartbreaking.

The movie successfully frames a picture as to how the condition was in 1917 during the war, and the camera maneuvers have portrayed breathtaking scenes and left the audience wondering how did they do that. The movie gets the boost due to the excellent performances of Mackay and Dean-Charlee. Mackay has been growing as a good actor with great performances in Captain Fantastic and 11.22.63.

Both storytelling and gimmick are involved in the movie as it reveals the details of the war step by step. The movie will no doubt get a place in one of the best works in careers of the cast and will get highly praised for what’s been crafted in it.