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The Last Human Chapter 195: Spoilers

The Last Human Chapter 195 update and Spoilers

The Last Human novel continued its latest release a few hours ago with Chapter 194. This is where Gao Fei and “Sha Sha” confronted “Rui Xe” about her unusual behavior. Sha Sha revealed that Gao Fei told her everything he heard from Tian Cheng a while ago. As it would turn out, Rui Xe was displaying cannibalistic characteristics and had suspicious markings on her stomach. She revealed that it was the only option she had as she was losing weight and could only survive on raw meat and fresh blood, Preferably those of humans.

As their conversation continues, Sha Sha provoked Rui Xe to a point where she told Sha Sha that she had already started eating humans. She revealed that she started with her P.E teacher who saved her and had also absorbed an evolved one, which will speed her evolution. Rui Xe tried to absorb Sha Sha. But it didn’t work as Sha Sha revealed that she is already a stage 2 and had a decent resistance to viruses. Sha Sha then punched Rui Xe as she left her unconscious on the ground.

The Last Human follows the life of Zou Tianchen, the last survivor of the human race in a mutated Zombie infested city. Just when Zuo thought he was going to die, he finds his soul returned to just before the ill-fated day 10 years ago. He swears to protect the people important to him this time and had reunited with his past lover. Zou will then have to strive for survival as he is already equipped with the memories of what will happen in the next 10 years.

The last human releases new chapters every 3 days, Chapter 195 will reveal what happens further as Sha Sha and Rui Xe’s friendship seems to be compromised. Also, it looks like the evolution of Zombies is progressing much faster. MangaToon has scheduled the next Chapter to be released in 3 days. Then this makes Chapter 195 to be available later on Tuesday the 10th of December 2019.