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Destiny 2: Season of Dawn Roadmap, Key Dates, New Features And Updates

Destiny 2: Season of Dawn

Destiny 2 is having its ninth season around the corner, and the gaming fans are busy talking about it, and waiting for the new season to release. Also, the whole schedule of predefined releases, which is called roadmap, has also been released. Therefore, we are going to have a lot of information for the gaming fans in this article, so please keep reading ahead if you want to know all the major dates of releases, as well as the possible features and new elements that will be released with the new season.

First of all, we have seen a lot of beautiful moments till now, and as we are moving ahead from the long and fierce battle between the Vex and the Undying Mind, we are heading towards Season of Dawn. The ninth season is named Season of Dawn, which will be released this month. The new season released on 10 December 2019, and it had the main objective of finding the greatest titan ever lived, which is Saint-14.

The new pass will also be equipped with new Exotic Scout Rifle, Symmetry. Moreover, players will be able to upgrade The Lantern of Osiris artifact right away, which will improve power and unlock seasonal armor and weapons. Below is the roadmap of the releases in the new season, which you can check!

Nessus and EDZ obelisks – December 17
The Sundial: Ozletc, The Sky Piercer – December 17
Save a Legend – December 17
The Dawning – December 17
Iron Banner – December 24
The Sundial: Tazarock, The Sun Eater – December 24
Legend Sundial – January 7
Exotic quest: Devil’s Ruin – January 7
Exotic quest: Bastion – January 28
Empyrean Foundation – February 4
The Sundial: Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune – February 4
Crimson Days – February 11

Destiny 2: Season of Dawn

Destiny 2 Roadmap With Key Dates

As the roadmap says, we have a quarter full of surprises, which has dates till February 11. Also, there will be new ritual weapons to earn, and new Devil’s, Bastion and Saint-14’s Paradox Perfect Shotgun will be also available as some of the Exotics to earn. Destiny 2: New Light players will also get free season rank rewards, and the season reward too, which is The Lantern of Osiris. Also, the players will fix Obelisks on 4 destinations, and will also have the new armor set “Righteous.”