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Netflix’s 6 Underground Review: Here is what we think!

6 Underground with this name Michael Bay is coming back with its action flick movie. With this name, anyone would imagine it a sequel of various other action films like The Taking Of Pelham 123 or 21 Bridges. But as per sources, we get to know that this movie has nothing to do with public transportation.

Ryan Reynolds plays a billionaire in this movie, but after spending our two hours with him, we do not get to know about his real name, nor of the others who are family turned team members now. After all this, in the end, we knew only one thing, which is common in all of them that they all are Dead, having to fake their deaths. The main mission of this whole movie of death or faking death to solve world problems without anybody interference or without keeping ties with anybody else.

So in the movie, their so-called villain or their target is The brutal dictator of fictional Turgistan. This dictator is known by his penchants for making gas bombs and Gold silk sheets. So the whole team of Ryan wants to change this dictator with his brother in a coup.

This movie is quite good for those who love ghost jokes, and after all this, they are calling it Haunted House. Characters are not different from one another, but seeing them, it looks like they all have fun. But if we think about the movie, one needs a big heart to invest this amount of money as those car chases, and Death-Defying shoots are very expensive to shoot as it required expensive material too.

After seeing this movie, you get to know that the movie does not go with the name as their main factor is diverting. In the next half, they all get a Rich savior who is trying to solve problems but solving other problems, not focusing on the main root. But you will be satisfied after seeing the bond of all these members as that is a more fulfilling partnership that R.I.P.D.