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Escape From Tarkov NewMight Be Bring More Attachments To SVD

Escape From Tarkov New Update
Escape From Tarkov (Credits: Battlestate Games)

Escape From Tarkov is a very good game that has become a lot more popular in recent months. It might still be in early access but the game is getting updates that are making it better and better. It is definitely a slow first-person survival shooter but that doesn’t change the fact that it is quite amazing. The game developers should be proved of themselves for making such a great realistic game that gamers wanted for so long.

The guns in the game are great and are similar to that of the weapons from the real-life world. There are plenty of guns in this game and recently the developers have revealed something regarding a particular gun called the SVD Sniper Rifle. Recently the developers, Battlestate Games revealed that a suppressor for the infamous Soviet Dragunov is in works.

Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov (Credits: Battlestate Games)

Furthermore, today the developers discovered that multiple weapon attachments related to the very same sniper rifle are being developed. They showed this on their official Instagram that features an SVD with a NightForce scope and a handguard. We can also see a couple of mods attached too. This isn’t possible at the moment to connect to the SVD, but it may become sooner than later.

The attachment that was shown in the photo also included a tactical flashlight as well, but also an angled foregrip. Pretty much that’s everything the SVD was missing. With all of these attachments, the gun will become even more deadly. Tarkov is getting a lot of attention lately and on Twitch it is getting a decent amount of viewers and on top that streamers such as Shroud are playing it which is giving it more and more exposure to many different people.