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Ford v Ferrari DVD and Digital: Details

The movie has promised that even if the fans aren’t in love with motors and reaching, they will love the movie for the bromance. The movie revolves around a team of American engineers. They are working on a car GT40, which has the potential to defeat the dominant Ferrari racing team. The cast was changed from Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt to Mangold and Damon, Bale, who joined in the summer of 2018.

Ford v Ferrari has hit the theatres, and those who are Outlanders fans must have gone to watch it. Caitriona Balfe fans would always support her in her projects. In return for the support, fans would also expect the new movie to come out on digital formats like DVD or Blu-ray. Now the question is, when will the movie get out in digital formats or DVD or Blu-ray.

Theof Ford v Ferrari DVD

The officialhas not been out yet for the DVD, but we can make a wild guess about it. The timing can vary from two months to four months after the theatrical release. The fact that how the fan reacts can also affect the update. Dark Phoenix was released two months after the theatrical release.

It is expected for Ford v Ferrari to take at least two to three months for the release. The approx date will be around March of 2020. The digital version will release two weeks before the DVD.